Help! Stolen Macbook Pro from my checked in Suitcase..what to do?



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    It may be a bit late for OP at this point, but I found that since it was an international flight, US Airways Does cover loss of computers and electrical equipment. I called their CS folk, who weren't too knowledgeable (I had to tell that that London->Phili is actually international...), were actually super nice, walked through the form with me and such. I should know if they're going to re-imburse me anything within two weeks...

    If it were a domestic flight, they don't cover anything of value.

    Failing that, the TSA has a similar procedure with less nice people.

    My concern if these are the people whose job it is to screen bags for bombs and contraband, why they hell are they paid so poorly as to need to resort to stealing $500 laptops?

    I had a bottle of KY Ultra stolen once as well--that starts other concerns.

    As for everybody saying that you just shouldn't check things of value-- it is a nice thought, but for those of us with more than one thing of value (or, last summer, when you could only carry on your keys and wallet, have more than zero things of value), it is a touch more difficult. I picked up some Samsonite TSA locks that have an indicator to show when they were opened-- this will be handy since you have to prove to the TSA that they did something if you want to file a claim with them.

    We'll see I guess.
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