Another Imac or Macbook split between the two.



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    It is better to have exactly the same type of RAM in each slot. I can't quantify this, but to be safe, you should stick with either 2x1gb or 2x2gb. 2x2gb will give you a maximum of 3+gb on the MacBook, but it is matched pairs. People will have different opinions, and you can get by with mixed RAM if it is exactly the same brand and model (difference only being the size) ... but for maximum worth, I would IMHO play it safe and go with exactly the same sticks on both slots.
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    Ok if there is a problem I'll stick with 2gb not sure why it would be like that but I guess its best to be safe..
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    Do you guys think a macbook with these specs

    # 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

    # 2-3GB memory

    # 120GB hard drive1

    Could handle recording 16 tracks at once useing firewire?...... Imac might be a better choice.....agian...
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