Daily iPhone sales at Apple stores seven times that of AT&T stores



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    Originally Posted by suhail View Post

    now imagine how many Apple would sell if ATT releases the unlocking code for international travelers.


    I mean they should come-up with something!

    Yeah, because there are so many millions of international traveling smartphone users just waiting ...

    (my point being you may be over estimating the number of people who travel internationally as a portion of the phone buying public. What could it be? 1%? .5%? .1%? Just because you want it, does not mean that it will have much effect on the overall market...)
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    Originally Posted by cameronj View Post

    I read it as him switching to talking about Macs, not iPhone, when he was throwing around those higher numbers.

    Oops..... you're right.....
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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    Meanwhile, the interns are smoking pot behind the mall, picking up chicks and falling asleep.

    Right, because pussy in today's US Malls is so attractive. Of course, there are always those who find chubby chasing more than a sport I suppose.
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    Difficult to see how Apple is going to sell 10 million iPhones by end of 2008.

    Most of the sales comes from the 1800 AT&T stores and that comes out to be around 1.9 million a year or there about.

    21 iPhones ber day for 150+ stores does not add up to the sales at AT&T. Sounds like AT&T salesman are not motivated to sell iPhones or are not well trained to do it. Either way AT&T can do a lot better.

    I wonder why they don't sell as many as Apple stores?

    Unless something changes, I do not see Apple getting 10 mil units by end of 2008.
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