Calling all chefs



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    I'm joining the ranks of the gratuitous money-wasting snobs. Inspired by Fellows, I absolutely have to have the Creuset Tajine.

    An object of great beauty imo.

    How could you...... I just can't believe you would make a purchase like that..... Just go eat at your local McDonalds

    You know I don't mean that!

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    Did I mention PICTURES?

    Come on in and click on the slide show:


    Forgive me as I completely forgot to snap some pics of the final dishes I made here. All the dishes I made got eaten up. I will in future as the final results are just yummy.... These pics are some I took while putting some dishes together. Note I also use my pot in the oven not just the cooktop.


    And seg I am going to get some spanish paprika don't you worry!
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