Apple unleashes iPhone ringtones feature via iTunes (first look)



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    It happened to me too. I had to authorize my main iTunes computer to store the first ringtone I downloaded. After the first time, it did not ask again.

    Apple support helped me - you have to authorize the iPhone - cick on "Store" in the ITunes menu (way up top, not on the left) and click "authorize computer" (it's calling the iPhone a computer) then you can sync your ringtones.
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    How can Blondie's "Call Me" not be offered as a ringtone?

    Seriously, I'm really disappointed at the number of songs ringtonable. No, I'm not interested in "Call Me" as my ringtone. I would, however, love to use the Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" as a ringtone.
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    Originally Posted by PantENoiz View Post

    Like I said previously >>

    Before anyone tells me that there is an update to iToner, I already know this. It’s the principle of the matter. I shouldn’t have to fight with Apple to have my own damn sounds on my own damn iPhone!!!!!

    You don't have to fight with Apple. Apple just requires that ringtones be specified in a particular way. Anyone looking to create ringtones on iTunes, on a Mac or PC should take a look at this. It clears up quite a lot of unnecessary running around on the issue. Once you alter a file like this, it will always show up as a ringtone in iTunes and sync perfectly. Someone could make it even easier than I've described if they wanted.

    iPhone Ringtones - What Did iTunes 7.4.1 really do?

    Apple's ringtone store works fine for me though. I bought a track and synced it to my iPhone without problem.

    ~ CB
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    I tried out the ringtones feature last night, and after I figured out how everything worked, it did. However, I was sorely disappointed with the volume level that was created in the ringtone.

    I spent a few minutes selecting the portion of the song I wanted to use (instrumental portion), and specifically selected portions with high pitched sounds that I should be able to hear just fine when the iPhone rang from within my belt holster. It sounded perfect on my Mac. However, after I created the ringtone, and synched it to my iPhone, I was sorely disappointed to find that it was so soft as to be unusable.

    What's disappointing is that Apple clearly knows that ringtones need to be louder to be useful. The default ringtones on the iPhone are clear and loud on the iPhone's tiny speaker, however limited they may otherwise be. Since user created ringtones are uneditable, and there was no option to adjust the volume in the creation of the ringtone anyway, I probably won't be creating any more.

    There needs to be a way to try out your ringtone creations on your iPhone before committing your payment, since there's no correlation between how it sounds on your Mac and on your iPhone.
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    This way of selling ringtones feels too dirty.

    What next, you need to pay every time you play a song on your iPod?

    Even if there's a legal logic to it. Stank! and :thumbsdown:
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    tenobelltenobell Posts: 7,014member
    If you guys wanted any of this to change don't participate in the entire ring tone scam. But it does appear Apple is the best of the worst.

    From Pogue:Pop song ringtones from T-Mobile and Sprint cost $2.50 apiece; from Verizon, $3. Incredibly, after 90 days, every Sprint ringtone dies, and you have to pay another $2.50 if you want to keep it. Verizon’s last only a year.
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    What if I create custom music on Garage band and want to use that song as a ringtone? I can't see myself buying a "music lyric" ringtone, but I love sound effects and little jingles that I create. I used to enjoy doing this with my old cell phone. You just had to figure out what file format the phone liked the ringtone to be in. .m4a, .mp3 etc.
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    My problem is that after I purchase the ringtone, it doesn't show up under my Ringtones category.

    Anyone know what to do?
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