Steve Jobs subpoenaed by SEC for deposition - report



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    The stock options were most likely legal, I don't understand why you say the stock options were illegal. The only thing that might be illegal about it was the backdating, and more certainly fabricating board records and improper reporting the payment.

    Even backdating was not illegal... it's the reporting.
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    I hope every wannabe corporate executive watches this case closely. Nancy was with Jobs for something like twenty years. She has integrity coming out her pores. She's not accused of stealing for herself - she's accused of stealing for her boss Steven Paul Jobs. She'd never do that without coercion. Why she gave in no one knows but this was not her doing. And everyone knows who's behind this.

    And yet today we see poor Nancy sitting in the dock and Steven Paul Jobs comes in as the Special Guest of Honor to chitchat with all his buddies.

    All you wannabe corporate execs take note: this is how the bastards of the industry will repay you for bending the rules for their sakes.
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