Official Poll: Optical drive, or no optical drive?



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    I'm not familiar with the eMate, but what you suggest seems like a toy and not capable of serious work.

    Where I think a ultra portable is useful is for road warriors who use MS office and for and app like keynote. When I go to medical conferences this is where I see a lot of pc ultra portables and I think there is a real market here for Apple.

    Could the iPhone run MS Office and Keynote? Almost certainly. Hence anything based on the iPhone could do so as well?and this eMate II would probably be quite a bit faster.

    Subnotebooks really don't have a lot of power at their disposal, this wouldn't be that much worse.

    Look I want a subnotebook for myself, but I could totally see Apple scaling the iPhone/iPod Touch upwards instead of scaling the MacBook downwards.
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