Updated Leopard requirements to exclude 800MHz systems



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    Well I have a dual 800mhz G4 tower, which is definitely faster then an 867mhz G4. Heck the 867mhz was the mid-range and the dual 800mhz was the top of the line when I bought it, so if I could not put leopard on it I would be pretty pissed off when I could on a slower computer.

    This is the quandry isn't it? Theoretically a dual 450 should work. So I wonder if the install DVD will look for the total of any dual core processor Macs before it rejects those with more than HALF of 867 MHz alone.

    Does anyone know what's the story on all those dual processor G4s out there that total 900 MHz and more?
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    onlookeronlooker Posts: 5,252member
    I just happen to have an 867 MHz G4 that I still use. Anything less is too outdated. Although I am planning on buying a New Mac Pro after leopard if they have done some improvement to their graphics options, but I am going to bag the 867 in the garage for storage. Or I'm buying a PC. Depends on Apple.
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