Inmate's suit claims O.J. Simpson is "hitman" for Steve Jobs



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    Originally Posted by Kasper View Post

    I called the court. The clerk confirmed it. It's not made up. Anyone can "file" a suit.

    ...and make a complete nuisance of themselves in the process. Still, you gotta love the imagination. This guy should start writing something really worth reading.

    Great story, by the way.
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    Hey, this guy's lawsuits still make more sense than Jack Thompson's do...
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    The current executive security contract (hired by Apple, Inc. --not Steve personally) is with Blackwater USA, the same guys that protect State Dept. weenies in Iraq.

    While the contract obviously isn't for murders-for-hire (John Sculley is still breathing, right?), woe be unto those caught in the crossfire if a few dozen Vista fanatics should happen to be in the vicinity of Steve, and a car backfires near the contractual bad-asses.

    Watch for the members of his entourage with short, spikey hair, Oakley wrap-around sunglasses, and the kind of physique you don't get from playing Halo.
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    Originally Posted by jfoust View Post

    FWIW, I thought the story was hilarious. Thanks for putting it up AI. All the crybabies need to get over themselves.

    A few people tend to believe they own the site content, and think AI should only be used to provide "professional" stories about new Apple equipment or software they won't buy because it's fatally flawed for one reason or another.

    Damn near as bad as the "Macs are toys" folks on the other end of the bridge.
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    Originally Posted by Kasper View Post

    I'm sorry that so many of you are disappointed in my editorial decision to run a story on the lighter side of things. I found it funny and thought it might brighten some other peoples' day. I can guarantee you one thing -- it's just one story out of thousands we will post.

    In our defense, I have to say that the subject matter was made quite clear in the leader of the article, which is published on the main page and in our RSS feed. It clearly states that the article covers a frivolous suit filed by a convicted criminal. We're not trying to force this report down anyones throat, but simply published it for those of us who need a laugh here and there. We're not forcing anyone to click through and read it. Like with every other article we publish, it's your choice to do so.

    Nevertheless, I appreciate and respect all your feedback.



    I didn't mean to sound like a bastard so I apologize for that.

    Maybe you could do a "Page 2" with stories of lesser relevance, a la Mac Rumors (or "Secret Notes" on TS). Maybe call it "The Back Page," or something... C'mon, AI... everybody's doing it.

    The story was humorous, by the way. It's just not front-page material.

    Oh, and neither is anything Shaw Wu says, by the way. He just regurgitates your articles anyway. I thought you knew that.

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    tbagginstbaggins Posts: 2,306member
    Originally Posted by BenRoethig View Post

    I've heard some insane conspiracy theories in my day, but this is something so out there that I don't think Michael Moore would touch it.

    Moore really isn't that far out there, despite what the Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh devotees would have us believe. Turns out the guy was right about the Iraq War, years before the mainstream US public figured it out. Loud and grating as he can be, I have to give him props, actually.

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    I'm the New O.J. Simpson. I'm the victim. KKimberly is a psychomaniac.
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    Steveland Barrow is OJ
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