Analyst weighs in on Leopard, expected Macworld launches



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    Thats right! My wife has a Macbook Pro and uses Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop extensively. But she could care less what OS is running, as long as her Apps work cleanly and efficiently. Months ago, I told her about the cool Leopard upgrades like time machine and core animation. She said, 'so it will make photoshop run faster, right?' uhhh.....

    Yeah, most people I know live in their apps. Writers live in their script or word processing apps. Graphic artists in their Photoshop, or whatever. Editors in their editing suite. The OS makes a difference if it crashes, and if their apps are speedy, and then... in minor ways for workflow, but not much. For them, stability and speed, the rest is how the app is set up. They're usually too busy to give much of a darn.
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