OS X and original iMacs (rev a-d)



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    [quote]Originally posted by torifile:

    <strong>OS 9 is faster on every machine! It's not about speed, people. When are you going to realize that? I'm not saying that you shouldn't be concerned about speed, but that's not the only measure of a good OS.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Right, that's why on my Rev C iMac I ran OS X from 10.0-10.1 starting on March 24th when OS X came out.
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    I had some fun installing 10.1 on my girlfriends rev. b. It was complicated by the fact that the CD drive was busted. I installed it first on my DV400, took the drive out, and then installed it in the rev.b.

    It worked pretty well. I upgraded to 320MB ram at the same time. Definitely slower than the DV, but we're talking 233mhz here and a much slower GPU.

    Problems arose when I told my girlfriend to update to 10.1.1. (I'm 3000 miles away at the moment).

    The update software probably got confused by the machine ID and now it won't boot at all. Without a working CDROM the thing is DOA.

    So picked up a used cdrom on ebay so I can finally boot off a cd and install osx properly (once I fly back to Seattle).
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