Apple putting finishing touches on Mac OS X 10.4.11



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    Originally Posted by ShawnJ View Post

    Oh well! Leopard awaits!

    Let me know how it goes. My systems are too important for me to play guinea pig. Apple or Microsoft, a major OS revision is too dangerous to play with. I'll wait until 10.5.1 when most of the major bugs have been quashed and all my apps are known to work without issues. February or March should be about right.
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    10.4 has been rock-solid since about 10.4.6. None of the bug fixes since then seem to have really affected general stability. Of course, we still suffer through some general OS X bugs, like Finder beachballs, that are finally supposed to go away with 10.5, but I'm in no rush.

    I figure on maybe asking for 10.5 as an xmas present, or something. By then, it should be at 10.5.2 or so. Still, it looks like I've got a couple machines that'll stay on 10.4 forever -- my Cube & my kid's 800 mz iMac G4.

    I've got 5 machines (at least -- I lose count sometimes) that I'll need to upgrade, & I've still gotta decide which one will be the test-bed that I work the kinks out of. My Powerbook would make the most sense, but it runs so damn well under 10.4 that I'm reluctant to change anything. Decisions, decisions....
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    Originally Posted by DeaPeaJay View Post

    Oh, and Marathon! I mean, hello!

    I never played Marathon, but Rubicon X claims to continue the Marathon trilogy. Best of all, it is cross platform.
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    Originally Posted by mcarling View Post

    There are two reasons why 10.4.11 should be more stable than 10.3.9. One is, as I noted above, many bugs were fixed between 10.4.0 and 10.4.11 that are still present in 10.3.9. The other reason is that 10.4.x has had two and a half years of bug fixes applied while 10.3.x had about one and half years of bug fixing.

    I'm relatively risk-averse and I upgraded from 10.3.9 to 10.4.2. I probably should have waited for 10.4.3 as I found (subjectively) that 10.4.2 seemed to be a bit less stable. Unless Resolution Independence is available sooner or I buy the rumored ultraportable, I'll upgrade to Leopard somewhere between 10.5.3 and 10.5.5.

    Thanks for this. Apple themselves may well have thought that 10.4.6 represented a good stable release as they pressed it on DVD. It's the last version in the shops.

    Still, I am looking forward to leopard as much as anyone, and purchasing it is about 7hrs away as i write.
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    I Guess That "apple Inc." Must Of Canseled The Mac Os X (10.4.11) Update Since That "leopard's" Already Released-out.
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    Originally Posted by STEPHEN RAY SNELL View Post

    I Guess That "apple Inc." Must Of Canseled The Mac Os X (10.4.11) Update Since That "leopard's" Already Released-out.

    No, I don't think so myself, but you can never tell with this fruity company.
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