Apple stock tumbles; US iPhone illegal in Europe?



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    Sorry, I meant that for another site altogether.

    Anyway - Jay-z - whoever he is, is wrong. Most movies would be MUCH improved if we only watched select bits of them. Just like music and books, they suffer from the bloated imaginations of the writers and performers, suffering as they do from the classic 'legend-in-his-own-lunchtime' syndrome.

    I strongly recommend PIRACY as a way to force the music book and film crowd to try quality instead of quantity.

    Of course there are problems:

    There is only one script for movies - known as 'Boy meets Girl', it has variations, but only on that theme.

    In music, we have exhausted all the chord and note combinations long ago, and we are now in the age of the Grand Ripoff, where everything sounds like something you have heard before.

    Books - same problem as movies, unfortunately.

    In fact, downloading movies and music is a big mistake, because as Bob Dylan said recently - 'of course they steal music, it aint worth anything!'

    I recommend stealing money or gold - much more value than the piles of crap that Jay-z and his ilk churn out.

    Yeah, Bob Dylan can say that because he has mad tens of millions of dollars selling music. You want to steal music, go ahead. don't glorify your idiocy as being some principled stand or well thought out philosophy. You are a jerk. I
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    I think it's interesting to see that all the comments in this thread related to Jay Z are based on the assumption that Shawn Carter's comment's are the actual reason for pulling the Album from iTunes.

    There's multimillions at work here, and clever marketing:

    The statement helps draw attention and brand the album as "more than just your average album" .

    The move (and timing of album release) helps drive full album sales to toward securing #1 selling album , which happens to be a goal of artist for marketing reasons. Something to the effect of 10 consecutive top selling albums released which has only been accomplished by Elvis i think.
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