iPhone to gain Apple Spotlight search in 2008



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    Because the Treo and other Palm platform "solutions" never synched as seamlessly as the iPhone with my Mac computers. They never were able to get my categories right and would constantly duplicate data.

    Don't get me wrong. I am an Apple fan... it just seems that a search feature was so elementary. I will wait patiently for the upgrade.
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    Originally Posted by lduncan View Post

    Check out http://www.polarbearfarm.com

    Good on you. This should help give the iPhone team a big Polar bear kick up the ass
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    "Therefore, a more realistic comparison is a 5,500 to 8,200 ratio, or 1.49. This means approximately1.5 AMERICAN IPHONES FOR EVERY GERMAN IPHONE SOLD"

    Also: it may be that there are fewer places to BUY an iPhone, per capita, in Germany. I don't think they have an Apple Store yet.

    I expect that when all is said and done, there will be MORE iPhones sold in Germany, per capita, than the US. The Germans have an eye for good engineering.
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    "Because the Treo and other Palm platform "solutions" never synched as seamlessly"

    I was an early Palm adopter. It annoyed me to no end that they bent over backwards to add all kinds of crazy "features" but never sat down to iron out the sync process. Idiots! Thank goodness the iPod DID get syncing worked out before the product was released. I expect that's one reason it succeeded.
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    Search is my number one most important item.

    I have numerous contacts with additional notes of information, 7 years of iCal events, bookmarks, emails...
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    Originally Posted by bukweet View Post

    Sorry to hear that, markb. The iPhone having a "global find" (aka Spotlight) capability is a BIG deal for me.

    On my trusty (but aging) Treo650, I'm constantly using global find to scan through hundreds of contacts, and hundreds of screens of text docs. And notes. And specifications. And calendar events. And to-do lists. And.... you get the idea.

    The addition of global find on the iPhone puts it back on the contender list. And the ability to import text docs via The Missing Sync for iPhone (Mark/Space) seals the deal for me.


    I couldn't agree more. I went to the iPhone from a Treo 650 knowing I was going to have to give up alot; but hoping Apple would improve the PIM applications of the iPhone over time. I think they have a good foundation; but they need to add the features you mention and improve the overall integration of the apps. Palm had the right formula for the PIM apps. I hope Apple uses them as a model.
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    I am not a neat freak but I do have several hundred contacts, many with notes on their contact page. Without a search function I constantly feel I have left someone out. I hope the next update includes search, cut & paste and a way to input into a spreadsheet or document. That is all I want! That and this ping pong paddle, this ash tray etc.
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