New iMac - buy now?



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    doesn't beat my 12 inch Pbook as the best computer i've had, but the 24 inch 2.8 iMac is pretty damn close.
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    Originally Posted by Lemon Bon Bon. View Post

    Surely we could have Apple include one of these for the iMac? As an option?

    Lemon Bon Bon.

    I am afraid not. Every option is at least 100 W at idle. For example, the biggest iMac (24") consumes while idle 135-140 W. Now I don't know how much the Radeon 2600 takes, but with a PSU max rating at 280 W you would be probably too close to the safety limits with one of the previous GPU's.

    If this model was half an inch thicker than it is today, it could probably accomodate a more powerful PSU and have better heat tolerance. All this is of course just speculation, I cannot really know the iMac's design potential. But the numbers above are quite real and show its limitations.
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    It'll be 6-9 months before there's a spreed-bump, I'd guess. Also, I'd figure they've ironed out the Rev A problems, by now. I think it's a perfectly good time to nab one.
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    Originally Posted by adrian.oconnor View Post

    I bought an 20" 2.0GHz iMac a few weeks ago and I love it. It came with Tiger pre-installed and a Leopard upgrade CD in the box, which is great because it gives me the choice of running either version.

    I have heard people comaplain about the screen, but I find it hard to fault. It certainly beats any budget LCD that you typically see in homes and offices these days. It's on a par with the professonal HP screen that I was using until the Mac came along.

    Are you planning to install Leopard on another partition? If so, I'm curious to know if you like one more than the other.
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