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    I do Arc, too. It would be great if they made a Mac ArcGIS. You know, they used to have it on OS 9! It would also be nice if their software wasn't a pile of crap in terms of user interface. I can't believe we still have to "connect" to folder and only can edit things in one folder. Hey, have you used Arc 10 yet sda? I have the latest version w/ patches on Win 7 on a vanilla PC and it crashes all the time. And no multiple attribute windows.
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    not working for me so far.. i think i`m not following same process that discussed here...
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    I know this is an old thread but it's discussing the 1.83Ghz Mac Mini C2D which is exactly the computer I am about trying to get into to add another module of RAM to (I already have one 2gb in there in one of the slots)

    Originally Posted by smee View Post

    Lol, thats funny

    I'm glad it went well for you!

    Last night I took my mini completely apart (the motherboard, hd, optical drive and everything was out of the case), I wanted to see what kind of hard drive was in there.....

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    * The gap in the case is pretty tight between the white base and the silver shell. I had to use a pretty slim putty knife (it'd been sharpened to a knife edge, actually, for a prior project); the first putty knife was too thick to wedge in the crack without marring the case getting it in. In a pinch, one could slide a flat chef's knife in the gap just to make the crack wide enough to get the putty knife started (don't pry with a knife).

    * I used 2 putty knives - the first one to pry the base upward (i.e., outward on the shell, as the OP described), and a second putty knife following behind it, catching notches in the side of the base to keep it from dropping back down. A flat screwdriver would work for this 2nd tool too.

    * On mine, screw #2 is an oddball with a wider head. The other 3 look interchangeable. You really need a small Philips head with these screws, and the screwdriver needs to be fairly skinny and long (a la pocket screwdriver style).


    * Seating the memory DIMMs is a tight fit - while at a slight angle, they need to be pressed into the slot until the top edge of the gold contacts are barely visible; this can take a pretty firm hand. Once inserted, latch it down. If you haven't done this before, take note of how far inserted the old DIMMs are before you remove them.

    * Check the Airport antenna connector before re-assembling - it'll try to come loose from the board (seen in the background of the OP's pic with the brown ribbon connector).


    * Screw #1 was a challenge to get started back in the hole - I needed a magnet on the screwdriver to keep the screw attached to it. Hole #1 is an open bracket but this isn't obvious from the shadows (at least at my kitchen table, er... anti-static workbench); just dropping the screw in the "hole" won't work like it does on #3 and #4.

    * Check that the Bluetooth antenna wire is back in the clips along the side of the drive, between screws 1 and 2.


    A few things..

    1) I just placed an order for two of these putty knives: solely based on the review that they worked great for the guy getting into his Mac Mini

    2) If I'm already in there taking things apart for adding another RAM Module, how easy would it be to replace the Bluetooth/Airport Antenna? Apparently the previous owner of this mac mini damaged that bluetooth/airport antenna during the initial 2gb Crucial RAM install. (I think that explains why he wanted to sell it after 3 months).

    3) I may also need to take the hard drive out and connect to a SATA-To-USB device to pull as much data as I can off. I think there's an issue with the Snow Leopard install right now in that I can't repair the disk and now I can't even set it as a Startup disk. If it won't go into Target mode and let me access all the files (I just ordered an 800 to 400 Firewire Adapter to connect to my macbook pro), the only thing I can think of left is taking out the hard drive and connecting to a SATA-To-USB Device and connecting to my MacBook Pro and seeing if it can read its contents.
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    I have an ibook G4 12 in with upgraded 1 GB Ram, I have had this notebook for about 1 year now, it has been used maybe 4 times within the past year. Does anyone know how much I could sell this for currently? The battery is fine and doesnt fall under the recall list. Thanks in advance.
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    Thank you so much for this - I worked in PC Support for nearly 15 years, but this is the fiddliest thing I've ever had to do, and without your guide, I'd've never attempted it.

    Saved myself spending £40 at the local Mac store in town.



    a.k.a. "fallingman"
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    Thank you so much for this.
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    krystykrysty Posts: 5member
    thanks very much for your detailed instructions.
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    Hi, Thanks a lot for good explain. I have gone through step by step and done everything but when i turn it ON the light flashing continuously if you can give me some suggestion will appreciate it.


    Thanks in advance

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    Does it beep as well? If not, your RAM isn't seated correctly. Open 'er up, take the RAM out, and try it again. Don't jam it in there, but don't be afraid to push until it feels in.

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    It's fit on place correctly and there r no beeps at all. They works by single well when I put them together it gives me the same issueimage

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    Originally Posted by Navid View Post

    They works by single well when I put them together it gives me the same issueimage


    Oh, you're saying that each new RAM stick works individually, but not together?

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    Well, I did it the lazy way and paid some 50€ to a local apple-store-service-technician (if you ask me an overpriced service for a work of 20 minutes) but it was imho definitely worth it, not the paying of 50€, but expanding the 2GB Ram of my late 2009 macmini to 8 GB, the difference is like night and day. It's like I had handbrakes on before.

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    Very helpful.  On mine the oddball screw was #3:  The screws had different lengths -- 3 short and 1 long.  The long was was #3.  (It took me while to figure this out, as I was not observant when removing the screws.)

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    If I have a 2009 mac mini, is there a limit to how recent or how much ram I can put in it? For example will it be able to recognize everything if I put two 8gb of ram in there or will it not be compatible? Moreso will it take a dump because it has super ram lacking a processor to match it? Alternatively is there a way to upgrade the processor? Same question goes for a graphics/video card. Thanks!

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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member

    Originally Posted by jimmyfreeman View Post

    If I have a 2009 mac mini…


    Both 2009 Mac Mini models can have 8GB of RAM, max.

    Alternatively is there a way to upgrade the processor? Same question goes for a graphics/video card.



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    Great How to! from 2GB to 4 GB upgrade from The performance improvement is remarkable. Boot is much faster, Iphoto actually opens completely in under 1 min. The "beach ball" loading cursor is no longer an issue when trying to do anything. 2009 - core duo.


    Install Notes: I accidentally disconnected the ribbon and all three antennas. I was scared at first. Also my model didn't have the black wire to disconnect. This helped me reinstall the antenna and the ribbon went right back on the plug easily. The screws were a real bear to get back in 

    :(. Took about 40 minutes. I used this website Thank you so much for posting this.

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    Anytime you upgrade your ram there is a big difference in performance. I went from 4 to 8 gigs real improvement.

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    loleniklolenik Posts: 1member

    @smee You are a fantastic person. Perfect instructions and great photos.

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