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Hi all!

I am taking out a small ad in the chamber of commerce newsletter. They have 1200 copies going out and good grayscale-only printing. Anyway, I made 4 alternative ads and set up a poll. Please vote to let me know which ad you all think will be the most effective.

Thanks for your feedback! - cw


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,171moderator
    I like number 3 the best because the slogans in the other ads put me off. 'steam-roll your competition' yuck, 'with Wiegman you're in the zone' - never use the phrase 'in the zone', 'like the top-dogs' I didn't like either.

    The 3rd slogan is appealing though.

    However, I feel the background is too bland. I like the background on image number 2 without the crest in the middle. Would it be possible to put the background from number 2 into number 3 to see what it's like?
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    I liked number three too. It first it reminded me of maybe Web 2.0, but also it has a few touches of Pixar (I don't know why I see that, maybe the shadows and sense of motion or suspension).

    It certainly the strongest of the four. #1 I just don't get. # 2 looks like a religious event. # 4 just. looks. flat.
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    #1 does a good job of hitting key words with bolded type, and the image of the steamroller is good, but some people aren't going to read deep enough to find out that it's about web design (even though it's mentioned in the banner area).

    #2 was actually interesting to me, but I'm pretty certain that it will print a bit darker than you anticipate. Plus, the fake 3D text seems a bit out of correct perspective and the words you use in the "mathematic formula" don't have a satisfying "mouth feel"... I would think the result of the equation would be better described as giving you "damaged reputation".

    #3 gets the product message out there again, on the main stage... and it's *definitely* aimed at a sports-minded crowd, but it sounds so cheesy and self-aggrandizing that I just couldn't do that with MY business.... but of course it might win in a town that lived, eat and pooped their local sports teams.

    Of all of the ads, #4 at least puts something vaguely computer-like out for people to see and consider. The simple refinement of the banner area gives it some class. Ultimately, I don't think that the graphic is as effective as it could be.. possibly because I feel like there's a better word pairing to use for the slider.

    I voted for #4, but it could stand some tweaks as well as any of the other options... but good luck with whichever you choose!
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