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    Originally Posted by banditlex View Post

    So about 2 days ago i spilled water on my macbook pro. i let it dry and it eventually turned on and seemed to be working on. When my battery got to about 20% i plugged it into my charger. i saw a little yellow light flash in between my charger and my computer and my comp shutdown. i unplugged it and it turned on again. i tried charging again and the same thing happened. when the computer shuts off the charger shows a green light. any idea why this is happening? did i try charging to early?

    Do you have any other laptops you can try to use to see if it is the adopter or not? try that
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    i also have the same problem...
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    I have tried the SMC reset and it hasn't fixed my problem. My MacBook Pro is no longer under warranty. I had the problem where my battery wouldn't charge about 6 months ago, and the battery was visibly bulging, so I put in a new battery. Now my new battery won't charge. It is stuck at 0% and isn't charging. the system profiler says it has only 24 cycles, so it shouldn't be bad.

    Battery Information:

    Model Information:

    Serial NumbertSMP-ASMB012-3e6f-224


    Device nametASMB012

    Pack Lot Codet0002

    PCB Lot Codet0000

    Firmware Versiont0110

    Hardware Revisiont0500

    Cell Revisiont0200

    Charge Information:

    Charge remaining (mAh)t0

    Fully chargedtNo


    Full charge capacity (mAh)t0

    Health Information:

    Cycle countt24

    ConditiontCheck Battery

    Battery InstalledtYes

    Amperage (mA)t0

    Voltage (mV)t9334

    Any help?
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    my macbook will not start up unless i reset the SMC, but fan runs high and battery shows X every time. any ideas why?
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    Originally Posted by skittr View Post

    O.K. so I did some research, and I found that reseting the System Management Controller (SMC) fixed my issue on my MBP. This cleared my NVRAM and PRAM ( I believe ) and also reset my Power Management. Anyway my battery is charging now. I'm not sure if anyone will check this thread but thought I would post the answer to my problem since I didn't need it answered anymore. Feel kinda dumb for not trying it sooner.

    I just registered to tell you how much i love you! :P

    no seriously, thank you! You saved my precious *hugging notebook as we speak*
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    Originally Posted by gumi View Post

    I had the same problem as everyone else here. I installed a brand new battery (on my MacBook Pro 2.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) because my old one was just plain worn out and would only hold a charge for about 30 mins. When I installed the new battery, it stopped charging at 45% and stayed there. I tried all of the "pre-SMC reset" options suggested by Apple with no luck, so I repaired Disk Permissions and reset the SMC. The first time around it didn't work. When I plugged the battery and charger back in, the battery was still at 45% and not charging.

    So I reset the SMC again, but this time paying attention to the order things were done, and it worked. The battery is now charging. Here's what I did:

    I unplugged the power supply, removed the battery, and then held the power button down for five seconds. Then I plugged the power cord back in FIRST, so that the LED lit bright green (it was a dim green when the battery was installed first). Next I installed the battery. After a few seconds, the LED on the power plug turned dim green again, but when I rebooted the computer, the battery immediately began charging.

    I have no idea if doing things in this particular order really worked or if it was just a fluke, but I thought I'd share it here in case it's useful for anyone else.

    Doing it in this order was the only thing that worked for me. Thanks.
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    Originally Posted by GilesH View Post

    My original battery started loosing capacity until it reached 0% and stayed there. I thought it was a dud battery so i ordered a new one. I have just put it in and it is not charging either.

    It has 55% charge at the moment and its sitting there. I can run the laptop on the battery but when i put the charger back in it doesn't charge.

    Does anyone know whats wrong and how much it will cost to fix because my macbook is out of warranty.

    Thanks, Giles.

    For a new battery, we advise that you update the BIOS of your laptop, and open the hardware automatic identification port of your laptop.

    When you use it firstly, you need to full discharge till the laptop shut off, then charge it about 11 hours. Usually, new battery need to fully discharge and charge for three or four times, which can achieve the best performance.  

    About the new battery, please set the power management of your laptop: Property -> Screen Saver -> power -> Power scheme -> Portable / Laptop -> please cancel about low battery alarm and serious shortage of battery alarm when use the battery.

    You could try to take out the battery from your laptop, and put it back again, repeat several times. Make sure that it isn't a poor contact problem between the battery and your laptop.

    If the battery works in higher temperature, the battery protection plate will work and the laptop restart program will make a termination order. You can take out the battery, put it back again, and avoid work in high temperature.

    In order to avoid some damage to the battery, please note:

    Please don't take out the battery when the laptop is in run status. 

    Please don't pull out the ac adapter frequently when the battery is charging.

    Please use high quality and reliable Dell Studio 1745 laptop ac adapter, not to use the universal laptop charger.

    Avoid the positive and negative short circuit. There is an overcharge and over discharge protection device inside the battery, so short-circuit may cause the battery damage. 

    Is there the battery problem if the new battery cann't charge?

    That's not usually the case. When equipment for the first time to recharge the battery, the instability of the voltage and current may cause the battery charge to 50% (sometimes more, sometimes less), and equipment stop charging the battery.

    If this happens,don't worry. You just remove the battey from the equipment, recharge again. First charging a new battery may need several repeated process. Please be assured that this is normal.




    Hope it can help you.

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    I recently installed apple updates 4 days ago. Since then I have issues with the headphone jack working on and off and now its my charging point. My macbook is out of warranty but in vgc and not used alot. Could there be something dodgy in the updates that has prompted this?? since my macbookpro has not been exposed to any new conditions and this just seems so odd. Im not sure what to do but read something online that it is possible to send an undetectable bug to the laptop so you have to purchase replacement/ additional hardware. Does anyone know about this or can help what the issue might be. I have never had this kind of issue with a immaculately maintained machine just going on the blink out of the blue shortly after accepting these updates. Please help!! I need this to finish a project that is all set up on apple software that I am on a deadline for !! I already tried 1) reset SMC and 2) a different charger but none of these do anything...very frustrated!

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    You need to inform your dealer immediately or else you can take it to the nearest service center

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