Nearly 100 fixes planned for Apple's second Leopard update



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    Phil's remarks sound kinda like the usual one hears from someone who's recently gone from Windows to OS X (there's always a learning curve), but for someone who had a PowerBook two years ago and now an MBP... what's that about? Why get a second Apple notebook if it's so much trouble? And now the MBP's have double tap to make life much easier... what's the complaint about a right trackpad button? Me, I go back and forth between PC's and Mac's and don't have any trouble on either of them: right button on the PC, double tap on the Mac. Unless I'm reading this wrong, I'm confused....
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    Originally Posted by Phil Sukalewski View Post

    The whole appeal of the Mac OS is it's supposed intuitiveness. Remembering to hit 4 buttons to take a screen shot is not intuitive (rather it is keyboard twister)?

    No, it is for pianists. That's one of the reasons Macs appeal to art people.
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    Originally Posted by DrBoar View Post

    Issues with Leapard.

    1.No hierarical collapsing folders in the dock, I have had that feature since 8.6 or something (with the folder under the Apple menue)

    2.The Document icon is less distinct than in 10.4

    3. The Program folder Icon is less distinct than in 10.4

    4. The program folder incon is now "Adobe Acrobat" since installing Acrobat

    5. Firewall settings are now more hidden,

    6. Scanners....

    7. The brilliant feature of TimeMacine to run backups on any >800 MHz G4 but then require core animation capable graphic card if you want to actually recover anyhing. That is so sweet on the G4 towers and the G4 powerbooks and iMacs.

    I have had all X sine public beta and they all have been big strides forward up to and including 10.4, all eagerly awaited and full with usefull new features. 10.5 sure have added pretty things and I am sure many under the hood things for multi core CPUs etc. But as far as a usefull GUI it feels on par with 10.2 or 10.1, not way ahead of 10.4

    I'll add the annoying forced save every time to the Documents folder.

    In Tiger it goes back to the last place you saved.

    I really hate this shopping trolley wonkiness imposed on us as if we are all cretins and don't know what we are doing, so must be forced to do the "Right" thing as assumed by software engineers.
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