Apple posts iTunes 7.6.1, promises weekly 99-cent rentals



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    i tryed to run iNdependence once i had update to this version and it just quits everytime you open it:/

    Lucky i havent updated on my other computer too!!
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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    Yeah, I don't know how I can practically be expected to not sell any of my stocks for 4 years of an Obama presidency... maybe I'll just get out of the market entirely. If it looks like Obama will be the sure winner, expect a huge flight of capital from the US and the stock market.

    I am not a financial planner, but if you do this, and you happen to guess right, you'll come out nicely ahead, when you buy everything back at depressed prices 3.5 years later.

    Of course, if you're wrong, then you end up with a wad of cash that has lost value due to inflation.

    I made that mistake back in '92. I expected Clinton's administration to herald another period of stagflation, a-la Carter, so when a pile of CDs matured, I left them in a money-market account, expecting to be able to buy 5-year CDs at high interest rates. It didn't happen - interest rates went down and I ended up with less than if I'd immediately bought new CDs with that money.
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    Originally Posted by JeffDM View Post

    As far as I can see, Obama didn't say it directly, his economics adviser is claiming that's what he'll do.

    Wow. Thanks - I had not seen that.
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    Originally Posted by Shogun View Post

    Another very positive thing about $.99 rentals is that it causes you to make a mental note:

    "NOTE TO SELF -- Must check iTunes every week to get the cheap rental!"

    That's a great plus for Apple... to have you constantly thinking about them and their product... That's huge.

    And what happens if you don't like the rental for the week? "Well, I've already gotten two at $.99 so why not go for a $2.99 this week. I'm still ahead..."

    And that's how this business goes interstellar in the span of about 3 months.

    This is a good point Shogun and you can see proof of this strategy in another one of Apple's businesses. Their product announcements/updates this year have been coming in weekly bursts, which keeps Apple on the tip of everyones tongue throughout the year.

    Apple seems to strictly adhere to economies of scope/scale and thus can be very efficient in their use of resources. It's amazing how every move Apple makes regardless of how small seems to benefit them in multiple ways.

    Discount Movies - Encourage customers to signup/Encourage regular visitation to itunes/Drive Movie Sales

    So even though they may give up profit they will still gain in the long run.
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