Report: sub-$200 WiFi touchscreen iPods from Apple by holidays



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    Originally Posted by winterspan View Post

    Comments like these are worthless... Currently, the 32GB Touch sells for $499 and the 16GB $399. And you are saying make the 32GB Touch $199?? Are you **** nuts? That won't happen for another 2+ years.

    Yes I'm nuts. The prices for these flash based players needs to come down. They have hovered on the high end too long. Specially in Apples case.
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    Ireland your 4G Nano mockup looks pretty well but maybe it will have some more adjustments to accommodate a bigger screen, my guess is the home button is going to be placed at the bottom or somewhere else so you can have a bigger LCD for such a small device, also it will look different then the rest of the Apple Touch line.

    Anyway like some poster said, its most likely the current iPod Nano will stay and will be rebranded into iPod Nano Classic, similar to iPod Classic and iPod Touch.
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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Ok so..

    I'd like to see the home button, or a slide switch positioned on the side so that it wouldn't take up any valuble real estate from the touch screen.
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    Think phone, not wifi device.

    I'd expect Apple to forego wifi, build on Nano's slim, sexy form, perhaps revert to the earlier elongated shape instead of the current chubby design, replace the wheel with a smaller touchscreen, keep functionality at a bare minimum (music player/phone), and boast long battery life and attractive pricing -- say, $150-250 in the U.S.

    Edge? They will probably dump it altogether when 3G is out.

    The current iPhone will morph into a 3G model, with some design alterations.

    They may also dump the classic iPod should they release a hard-drive based Touch. Oh, but wait, they wanted to dump HDD-based players altogether, didn't they? So, not sure what happens on that front.

    That's my idle speculation on them apples.

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    what will happen to my current 500$ iphone. can it be upgraded to use 3G when it comes out. Is there a way to do it?
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    Originally Posted by dehgenog View Post

    That would actually be a feasible indicator for this year's iPod-keynote-time: If they have any intention of making wireless iPods the new standard by the end of 2008, it's (really) likely they'll address their nomenclature for Mobile OS X at the June WWDC.

    Will NAND prices allow this to happen this year?

    You are probably right about WWDC. All indicators point to that as a great mid-year event to peel another layer off of the onion in terms of strategy and messaging around same. I personally hope they don't position it as Mobile OS X, and instead brand it as a services layer or something akin to Office or MFC or Live, etc. The key point being that the consumer market doesn't grok what OS means other than that they need one and that OS X is not Vista (thank you!).

    So much of their messaging of late, at least to developers, big customers and analysts, seems to be that they are all about integration and leverage so if some of this functionality is going to tie into Mac, iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, new form factors, maybe new apps, something that speaks to THAT -- mobility, touch, immersion -- might define a bucket that Apple is the unquestioned leader and innovator in.

    I am less knowledgeable about the state of the flash market other than that the market sees price increases in the offing. One has to imagine, though, that a company like Apple locks in some type of futures pricing since they are in so much of a COGS (cost of goods sold) type of business, and those fluctuations can wreck havoc on margins.



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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Ok so..

    Aww... just wook at widdle iPod. Ain't he kewt?
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    I imagine a nano touch would have a smaller resolution screen, maybe 200x320. Reading text would be too difficult at the iPhone resolution (I believe 320x480?) on such a small screen. The home menu grid would be 3 by 3 instead of 4 by 4 icons. Oh and of course it would come in different colours.

    Wouldn't it be neat if it would have a button on each side (think Mighty Mouse). Squeezing the iPod would bring you back to the home screen.

    I took Irelands picture and played a bit with it:

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    That picture looks really cool. thats probably what the next nano is going to look like
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