Nike+ on its way to iPhone and iPod touch



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    Originally Posted by satchmo View Post

    Why the heck would anyone run with an iPod Touch or iPhone?

    The reason it works with the Nano is because of it's diminutive size. Personally I think it looks idiotic with a brick like object in an armband.

    One more thing. This Nike+ receiver needs a user replaceable battery. Mine died after only 9 months of regular use.

    The reason it worked with the nano only was because it was the only flash memory ipod. Now the touch and phone joined the fray so they get support too.
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    Originally Posted by teckstud View Post

    You are kidding- right? I thought people even have sex with iPhones. It's a new human appendage from what I gather here.

    It happens but you've got to be pretty drunk and you've got to have a girl with you that's really open minded.
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    Originally Posted by sapporobaby View Post

    Where do you not get a GPS signal. The purpose of GPS is to provide nearly global coverage. I have a Garmin 305, a Garmin Map60 CSx, and a Nokia N82, travel to all parts of the world and not once has any of these devices failed to get a signal to track. I would say your device is faulty or it needs an upgrade. There are several upgrades that improved the sensativity of the 305 receiver. You might need to check into this.

    GPS does not work well in mountainous areas where there are valleys. I took one to Colorado, and it was largely useless in the dips and valleys where I hiked. This is completely understandable, but made for an irritating trip.
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