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    [quote]Apples not hyping this. The boards are. All Apple is doing is saying they will preview Jaguar.<hr></blockquote>

    When was the last time Apple publicly stated they were going to demo an OS upgrade--at a developers conference no less?

    I know its a lot of excess dissembling, but isn't this is a rather rare thing for the "we keep state secrets better than Stalinist Russia" folks at Apple? They are getting much better at denying than affirming [MWTY="no new hardware"]

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    Consider this:

    10.0 came out in March. 10.1 was first demoed at MWNY last year, a mere 4 months later.

    They are going to demo Jaguar over 7 months after the release of 10.1.

    IMHO, Jaguar will be at least as big a jump on 10.1 as it was over 10.0. According to Andrew Welsh, of Ambrosia fame, the number one focus of Jaguar is features, number two is speed. GCC3.0 alone gave a 10-15% speed boost, 3.1 is even better.

    Right now, there are very few things I *need* osx to have. Spring-loaded folders, more speed, USB printer sharing and overhauled app-binding are what I need OSX to have to forget 9 completely (even though OSX has been my main OS since PB). Of those, 3 are said to be coming in Jaguar, and I suspect the fourth to be in the works (no word from Apple since they took out the TIL, recent hiring of Giampaolo, no acknowledgement of the petition).

    Jaguar is going to be the OS that makes us forget 9, I'm pretty confident.
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