Mac shipments suspended from NYC Schools over WiFi flaw



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    Originally Posted by Samnuva View Post

    Am I the only one wondeing why DELL IS SHIPPING APPLE PRODUCTS? can someone please enlighten me?

    The article said:
    The DOE contracted with Dell Managed Services to handle all of the school system's tech related ordering, including the procurement of Apple desktops, laptops, and servers.

    This isn't Dell selling Macs. It is Dell's Managed Services division that has been given the responsibility for all of the DOE's computer purchases.

    Originally Posted by brendon9x View Post

    Tens of thousands of Apple users have been banging their heads against the Apple's criticism firewall since Leopard was released. Disappointment in 10.5.1 was followed by disbelief in 10.5.2. Workarounds include "bring your router to work" and downgrade to Tiger. Discussion boards on Apple littered with complaints. Each complaint rebuffed tenfold by the Mac faithful with sarcastic quips like "works for me" and mundane suggestions like "update your router's firmware"; denialism in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    So, you don't know (or won't say) what this bug is either.

    Saying "lots of people are complaining" doesn't say anything about what the problem is. And abusing those who don't have a problem, and are honestly trying to help, doesn't help either. Or do you think everybody who says they don't have a problem are liars?
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    Originally Posted by Virgil-TB2 View Post

    This is almost certainly true.

    Uh ... nope.

    My mid-2007 macbook C2D was fine until 10.4.9 or .10

    I'm one of the "battery only" crowd: my wifi works fine on the powerbrick but falters badly on battery power. Applecare denied the problem but replaced the battery. No joy.

    I run WEP only, no WPA; the machine constantly loses and regains association with any AP it's connected with when running on battery power.

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    Originally Posted by cameronj View Post

    I say just put an apostrophe in every word, that way you can be sure to get it in the right one 1 out of 3 ain't bad...

    I say ban the apostrophe altogether. It's ten times more common for people to put in extras than it is for people to omit them.

    Especially in the word "its." Why people can't learn a simple two-element concept has always amazed me. If it doesn't mean "it is" or "it has", then don't put the apostrophe. How hard is that to learn?

    Let's see - I know someone said "loose" somewhere in this thread, and it was not referring to the opposite of "tight"...
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    I have read Appleinsider forums for some time. I have never responded before because I always read others opinions and used their experiences and expertise to help form my own. Now however their is an article were I am the expert.

    I have taught in the NYCDOE(New York City Department of Education) for twenty years. It is true that Leopard does not maintain a connection with the internet over wifi. It may be Leopard that is the problem or the system design by Custom Computer, the NYC vender or IBM who installed the system. There are occasional problems with Tiger as well.

    Other issues with Leopard have been with Parental Controls. The preferences seem to change on their own from day to day. Even though you have set up software to be available for different accounts doesn't mean the software will be available for said account. It might be one day and not another.

    In response to a few that wanted to know about purchasing Apple computers from Dell, it is true. Mayor Bloomberg established Dell as the exclusive dealer of computers for all of NYC government. It was a way of standardizing equipment. It has caused the city millions in overpriced equipment expenses. As an example, the education Imac costs 899. When you add in the expense of preinstalling "Office" (the city already has a site license) for 149 and add in the expense of Symantic antivirus, the cost of the computer hits $1200. The extra expense I've been told is for adding a NYCDOE desktop picture. When questioning DOE employees, teachers are told not to worry about it. It is good to be Dell I guess.

    By the way Dell computers cost the same amount. With the constant bickering about who is cheaper, with the DOE it is the same price.

    Notice that the city pays full price for Office and Norton Antivirus. Wouldn't you think with the volume of computers purchased that the city would get a discount? What a waste of money.
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