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    Originally Posted by BMWintoxication View Post

    dvi switch?

    Mmm Its just am unaware if there is an "official" Mini Display Port to DVI solution.

    I know lots has been written on the subject, with gnashing of teeth re No Mac Pro /G5 option.

    But perhaps there is another way....
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    aaquibaaquib Posts: 10member
    Originally Posted by bladerunner View Post

    Is you Mac Pro connected to the 24" LCD and if so how?


    It's a 2009 Mac Pro with Mini-Displayport.
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    Originally Posted by aaquib View Post

    It's a 2009 Mac Pro with Mini-Displayport.

    Aha Now I understands! Thanks.
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    My wife and I are both really neat so this is what it looks like all the time- no cleaning up for a photo necessary.

    Mini C2D 1.83

    4GB RAM

    23" ACD

    MBP C2D 2.4

    4 GB RAM

    200 GB HD

    1.83 TB firewire storage

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    Home Office

    A couple months back my wife got a new macbook and I took her old iMac. I have a unibody macbook pro so I don't really need a desktop but it is handy to leave on 24/7 for downloading, using the remote application on our phones (we have an airport express or apple tv in all the main rooms and bedrooms), and using it for basic stuff like e-mail and the internet. When I have to work from home I typically use my laptop but sometime I use the iMac along with it because of the dual screens (it really helps in my field).

    20" iMac Intel Core2Duo w/ 3GB Ram

    20" Cinema Display

    Bose Companion 5 Speakers

    Logitech MX Revolution

    Logitech di Novo Edge, Mac Edition

    Two 500GB G-Tech Q

    One 750GB G-Tech Q

    Not pictured is a Konica Minolta Color Laser, Epson Scanner, EyeTV Hybrid, Airport Extreme, and one 750GB el-cheapo maxtor drive (used to serve up media to Boxee on the Apple TVs, back when I only had a laptop at home I needed something on 24-7 for streaming). In other rooms there are 4 airport expresses (office, guest room, dining room, garage) and two apple TVs (living room, bed room).

    Work Office

    24" iMac 2.4Ghz w/ 4GB RAM

    22" Dell Monitor

    15" Macbook Pro 2.53Ghz w/ 4GB Ram

    LowKey iMac Stand


    Logitech MX1100

    Eikon Finger Print Reader (I come back to my desk a lot with different people to show them things, that way I don't have to enter my password in front of them)

    Not pictured is a Fujitsu scansnap, HP BW laserjet, brother USB label printer, one g-tech 120GB FW800 drive and two 750GB Lacie Neil Poulton drives (time machine for desktop and laptop).

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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,428member
    Originally Posted by Burntorangeapple View Post

    My wife and I are both really neat so this is what it looks like all the time- no cleaning up for a photo necessary.

    Mini C2D 1.83

    4GB RAM

    23" ACD

    MBP C2D 2.4

    4 GB RAM

    200 GB HD

    1.83 TB firewire storage

    Nice Mirage wall mounted speakers too. Hook'em!
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    Originally Posted by hmurchison View Post

    Nice Mirage wall mounted speakers too. Hook'em!

    Sweet!! I didn't crop it out of the photo just to see if anyone would recognize them. Got those a few months ago- love 'em. The kind of speakers I really want cost more than my education, but for what I paid these guys are amazing. Hooked to my 42" plasma and 7.1 Pioneer receiver- pretty nice over U-Verse HD.

    My setup changed- Nehalem 2.66 Mac Pro. Time to head to Fry's to get some memory and hard disks.
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    brlawyerbrlawyer Posts: 828member
    Originally Posted by Fleshman03 View Post

    That just just full of airy goodness.

    Really nice pic, which REALLY makes me want to buy an Air for my sporadic business trips...amazing how good the Air looks, and how far all other "competitors" are from its design majesty...
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    we need more picturessssssss
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    xgrewellxxgrewellx Posts: 22member

    My first mac setup!!
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    davidvdavidv Posts: 1member
    Originally Posted by Rich-Myster View Post

    32 inch sharp aquos, mac book pro, ipod touch (next to the macbook pro) philips speakers, xbox 360, sega genesis, some harry potter books.

    Rich-Myster: Please do yourself a favor and change how you have those (imitation) swords on the rack! You would be a laughing stock if anyone in the know saw that. Japanese swords of that type (Katana, Wakazashi and Tanto in decreasing order by size) are ALWAYS placed with the blade pointed UP! And not doing that is considered an insult. Just to save you some face!
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    kennethkenneth Posts: 832member
    Bring this thread back.

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    Originally Posted by Kenneth View Post

    Bring this thread back.

    Will do.

    Same desk, new house

    iMac C2D 2.0, 4Gb, Dell XPS, Dell Mini9, and an iPhone 3GS in white from launch day.

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    Updated Home Office

    Updated Work Office

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    mr_emr_e Posts: 40member

    24" iMac, Intel Mini, homebuilt PC (Linux, Win 7). 2.5 TB hooked up to the mini, which acts as my server. Dual 22" screens on ergotron arms.

    Edifier speakers are the wall mounted ones, Studio monitors flanking the iMac are Behringers.

    Not shown - Mac Mini HTPC with 1TB storage, MacBook, another PC, 3 misc laptops, and a Time Capsule.

    More at :
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    maximemaxime Posts: 8member
    Mac Mini / Core2Duo 2.0Ghz / 4GB / 64GB G.Skill Falcon SSD

    2x 1TB LaCie External Drives / 500GB Time Capsule (Both hidden)

    I-Inc 28" Monitor

    Audioengine 5 speakers

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    -Mac pro: Quad-Core Intel Xeon running at 2.8 GHz with 6GB of Memory

    -20" Apple Cinema Display

    -iPod Hifi

    -16GB iPhone 3G

    -14" iBook G4 1.42 GHz 512Mb (needing a new portable)

    -Apple Wireless Keyboard

    -Logitech MX Air

    Previous Setup Below

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    2009 Mac mini

    2GHz Core Duo 2

    4GB DDR3

    320GB SATA II

    24" LED Cinema Display

    Aluminum Keyboard with Numeric Pad

    Wireless Mighty Mouse

    Logitech THX 24-bit/96KHz 5.1 Surround Sound

    Two WD 2TB Studio II External Hard Drives

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    Originally Posted by jonecat View Post

    Here is my Final Cut/After Effects setup at work.

    Full size available here:

    Less concerned with the Macs, more impressed with the Dell speakers circa 2000. I'm glad I'm not the only one that still has these in active duty.
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