Swiss iPhone announcement raises eyebrows given rumors



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    Originally Posted by MacVicta View Post

    It says DVB-H module support and the Infineon S-GOLD3H does infact support DVB-H.

    I'm not saying this means the iPhone has it (we're not even sure if there's a PMB8878/S-GOLD3H inside the next iPhone) but that I think that's where the Swiss rumor stems from.

    Yeah and my PC supports DVB-H because it has an expansion bus. And so does my laptop. And so does my existing phone because I could plug in a DVB-H dongle theoretically. My desk supports DVB-H becuase I could rest a DVB-H receiver on it.

    It has all the support seeded for DVB-H except the actual hardware to receive and decode DVB-H, which is sort of important. Looking at it another way, you could have a DVB-H chip in a phone without this chip.

    You saying that it "supports" it is misleading. People will think there is a DVB-H receiver in the chip which there is not.
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