Orange to offer 3G iPhone in Africa, Mid East, and Europe



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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    I wonder if Apple will sell the iPhone at a higher price and then have an instant rebate when you sign up to AT&T to offset the loss of iPhones being bought in the States and then sold overseas.

    Perhaps Apple is opening up to so many other countries to offset this loss, but I've run the numbers, if the price stays the same and the average price for foreign markets stays buying in the US and sneaking into other countries will still be the cheapest solution.

    It is the best solution. That's what I thought when I read about the AT&T $200 rumors. I think Apple can avoid many problems by selling the iPhone at say $600 and AT&T will give you back $200 credit when you activate your iPhone. This way Apple will get almost the equivalent of the revenues sharing in advance and everyone is happy. The only downside is that buyers have to pay initial higher price but at the end it is the same.

    AT&T 3G data plan is $35. Maybe AT&T will still keep the same $20 price instead of the $200? But what if I don't have 3G available in my area?

    We will see in 4 weeks
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    Originally Posted by glorfindeal View Post

    You all have cell towers there?


    In Denmark we have 98% 3G coverage, WiMaxx in all major towns and cities. In Sweeden they have superfast broadband, Denmark is one of the worlds leading IT nations. So check your facts before being boastful, as far as i know 3G is hard to come by in the states.
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