Make the iMac a bargain: cut its head off.



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    I don't really want to rehash my MWSF2002 predictions (they were that bad, but maybe if the G5 is released in the next few weeks, I can still take credit), BUT I was really not too far off on the iMac EXCEPT I thought it would have a higher resolution screen - maybe more wide screen. I think what Apple did was sharpen there pencil to squeeze enough profit out of these things.

    I agree with Matsu - I expect a higher resolution display - not necessarily a bigger display - by MWSF2003. I also agree with JYD about how popular they would be at JYD's price range (1600-1800), BUT Apple still needs to make their profit, so I think JYD's price range is too low for now.
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    I measured my dell display (a trinitron 17") and when reset to defaults, the screen diagonal measurement is 16" plastic-to-plastic, but 15" of actual video. You can bleed the screen pretty far out, but even the value they put in the ads is a bit inaccurate.

    All hail LCD!
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