Mega burglary shutters New Jersey Apple Store

in General Discussion edited January 2014
A seasoned crew of burglars from New York City hacked their way through the walls of a New Jersey-based Apple retail store early Monday, causing considerable damage and spurring a police investigation that prevented the shop from reopening until today.

Law enforcement officials said four men used pry bars, sledgehammers, saws and crowbars to cut their way through several layers of drywall of what once was a furniture store at the TiceÂ?s Corner strip in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey before entering the Apple store through "the back of a cabinet."

The men reportedly went undetected for several hours as they loaded duffle bag after duffle bag with merchandise, but eventually triggered an alarm around 3:00 a.m. that tipped off the police.

When the cops arrived, they found two men -- identified as Howard Santos, of Queens, 41, and 25-year-old Jonathan Mascussio of Brooklyn -- in a nearby vehicle. A third suspect, Raymond Ceballos, 25, was later found hiding in a storm drain by a police K-9 unit. A fourth subject remains at large.

It's believed the incident may be related to a similar break-in this past March, when burglers cut through the walls of empty stores at the Paramus Jewelers Exchange on Route 4 and made off with $800,000 in diamonds, watches and necklaces.Â* No arrests have been made in that case.


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