iPhone 3G plans start at $25 in Switzerland, $50 in Finland



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    Hello Myrsky,

    I think same way as You ;

    because my existing contract is 1000 minutes/costs of 35,80 € per month with 100 text-messages and phone (Nokia 6233) was something like 400 €.

    But Soneras teleprices are much, TOO MUCH high; = PRICE OUT OF QUOTA

    now I have calls by 0,0358 €/ per minute, and in Soneras new deal calls would be something like 0,079 € per minutes + 0,049€ to start every call..;

    offcourse the MySonera with for exampel 800 min would bring the price more near to my 0,0358 €/min but then there would only be possibily to talk (200 min/ month, less) with this new iPhone. More costs comes in data-sending, and text-messages, and all the way (all together), prices are MUCH TOO high for finnish (privat) consumer.



    Steve Jobs´s annoucement in WWCD/2008 (MORE AFFODABLE) was that iPhone 3G;8Gb shall costs 199 $ (or 299 for 16 Gb US $) almost in evry countries all over the world.

    The iPhone´s price in Finland is actually more than trible (3,4X MORE EXPENCIVE) than price announced. It suck´s me. I was waiting for a reasonable price to have one iPhone for me and one for my wife, but would You pay 429 Euros for 8 Gb or 519 Euros for 16 Gb iPhone ?

    IF YOU REALLY ARE GOING TO SELL the iPhone in Finland, should the iPhone REALLY be MORE AFFODABLE as You told in keynote WWCD ? Otherwise I´ll think again, what shall You say in keynotes as CEO of Apple Inc. For these prices for iPhone, I shall stay in NOKIA phones, as poor as (and cheap) they are.

    have a nice summer

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    Seems like Hong Kong is still the cheapest....
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