EasyPay to ease iPhone 3G transactions at Apple retail stores



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    Originally Posted by bostocked View Post

    So WHO deboxes the iphone before activation?

    I was just in an Apple store last week getting an ipod looked at and had to show a sales rep what was up. I had to do it. he couldn't. he actually said that only the tech people can put a hand on a customer's equipment.

    so if that rule is true, the customer will open the box, cradle the phone, punch the buttons for any email set up etc while the sales person guides the process.
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    Are they really that concerned with jailbroken phones once the app store comes out?

    yes they are. and that is why you can't take it home and activate it.

    three reasons

    1. in some countries the exchange rate would make it cheaper to buy it here.

    2. not every country has the phones in an official market

    3. some folks don't want to use ATT. so they will JB the phone for that.
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    Originally Posted by germ View Post

    And why is this necessary? What business does Apple or AT&T have to verify my identity? Why can't I buy a cell phone anonymously?

    they have to verify ID because you are entering into a legal contract to pay ATT money. they have to be certain that you are you and you aren't signing up under my name and then you are going to cancel the contract and stick me with the bill.
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    Originally Posted by LocalMotion View Post

    You misinterpreted the family plan text plan. you can add the $5 - 200msg to a individual line on your family plan. The $30 is for all the lines on the family plan, but you can still add text to just one line.

    Moreover, if one phone is a 2G and one is a 3G, the 2G gets the free 200 text messages, but the 3G does not and cannot use the messages from the 2G on the family account.
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    Originally Posted by charlituna View Post

    they could have, but where would they get the phones. there aren't exactly dozens of them laying around being wasted at this point.

    maybe once they swap demo phones since they aren't likely to be able to use those for anything else.

    ...or they could use the slimmer iPod touch that requires no cell phone contract or special activation.
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    Originally Posted by charlituna View Post

    it has to do with the fact that you are setting up a cell phone account. which requires a credit check. just like if you got any other cell phone from ATT. and they have to know that they are charging the person they think they are

    so if you don't give up the info, you are SOL on getting an iphone. because you have to sign up for service before they will let you walk out the door.

    Hey Dopes/Dupes, giving your SSN to the phone company is a relic from the past when a person could run up huge long-distance bills. Your SSN allowed the phone company to track you down and/or ding your credit record if you didn't pay up.

    But since long-distance is now relatively free there is absolutely no need for phone companies to get your SSN. It's a bit fascist. I would especially NOT trust AT&T (or Verizon) since they seem to think it's okay to illegally trap your packets and tap your phone without warrant at the whim of the Executive branch gone amok.
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