Apple may have shipped 2.5 million Macs in spring thanks to Vista



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    backtomacbacktomac Posts: 4,579member
    While OSX has it's fair share of bugs and annoyances, they really don't affect the average user to the extent that Vista's limitations affect average windows users, IMO.

    UAC is always in your face being a pain in the ass and driver issues can affect a lot of users, although I understand most of that has been resolved.

    For people just cruisin' the net, working with word processing and iLife apps, OSX is much easier compared to Vista IMO.
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    cub56fancub56fan Posts: 1member
    While I"m excited like the next Apple fanboy, we need to be careful to realize that these numbers are not always what they seem. I remember when the 1st quarter market share numbers came out, everyone jumped on the fact that Apple grew over 32% on US computer shipments. As great as that is, the numbers also showed that the Apple's shipments were still less than a 1/3 of Dell's shipments and only a 5% total market share. Sure the problems with Vista sure help the Apple message, but the war is far from being over.
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    Originally Posted by stokessd View Post

    No friggin' way! PC's are so entrenched in business that they could cause erectile dysfunction, male pattern baldness, and cancer and we'd all still be sitting in front of them during our 9 to 5.

    There are huge chunks of the computing market that just plain don't exist on the mac. There is NO real CAD packages available for the mac (ProE, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, etc). There are no credible circuit board layout packages available for the mac. There are lots of other areas, where you can't do certain things if you don't use a PC.

    So Vista can be a steaming turd (well, it already is), and there is no choice but to use it.


    Quite right. Ive spent most of my working life as a graphic designer within Engineering consultancies that have large CAD/GIS sections. Windows remains king. I was constantly under pressure to give up my Macs and move over from both management and IT. Though there is no interface issue any more networking, IT would use the security, issue true or false, to lobby for me to be changed over. They were nice guys but so MS centric. I suspect that IT departments in large organisations have become like secret societies. The protocols have become so complex - only they have the knowledge and guard their little worlds jealously.

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    valanchanvalanchan Posts: 41member
    The success of emulation sold more Macs than the OS battle. XP created a halo effect which drove people to buy Apple's new hardware so they could still run their existing XP.

    Apple switched it's competitor from Microsoft to the PC manufacturers when it adopted Intel and released Boot Camp. We see Apple attacking Vista because it is a soft target and the perceived face of the PC.

    When Microsoft start their anti Mac OSX campaign maybe even more Apple hardware will be sold.

    Steve Jobs has learnt that business is about shifting product in any way or form a company can.
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    intoshintosh Posts: 16member
    Seriously, if Microsoft gave all their market share to Apple, Apple wouldn't know how to and wouldn't be able to handle it.
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    Looking forward to APPL Q3 conference call July 21.
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