Apple sells 1 million iPhone 3Gs in first weekend



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    Originally Posted by wolfneuralnet View Post

    Our entire state (PA) is out of iPhones in the Apple Stores, and AT&T ran out on Friday in Philadelphia, and doesn't know when they are being resupplied. I have to buy one at an ATT store since I have a FAN discount, so I am out of luck for a while.

    I know a lot of people who wanted to buy one this weekend but couldn't.

    If they hadn't constrained AT&Ts numbers of phones so badly, and had problems with activation on Friday, they would have done much better opening numbers.

    I realize I will get one before Europe though, so I am not complaining too much.

    KOP has 16Gb white phones according to their site as of right now.
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    Apple Iphone 2 CEOs:

    Thats what i meant when i said before that- "Its not always the same as making all the money in a deal and a number of DEALS"
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    Originally Posted by Isomorphic View Post

    I wonder how many iPhones Apple would have sold if they weren't shackled to the Man?

    Originally Posted by nvidia2008 View Post

    As many as they can make.

    Originally Posted by merdhead View Post

    You mean like they're selling now?

    Originally Posted by cameronj View Post

    Which is to say, about the exact same number as they sold in reality

    Sure. I give you this weekend. But what about the next few months?

    Unlocked, unsubsidized, unsandboxed, open-SDK you don't have to sign up for to download (or that comes with it), sort of like the Mac itself -- versus the antithesis of these things.
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    I was surprised to see that there was one store that has had a continuous supply of iPhone 3G's: the Apple Sydney store. People have been lining there for days since the release, and it appears they keep getting shipped to the store.

    Obviously not all of them are sold... but priority is going to the big Australian Apple Store
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    US terrorist watchlist now has more than 1,000,000 names and Apple has just sold more than a 1,000,000 3G iPhones this past weekend. Coincidence?
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    Originally Posted by solipsism View Post

    US terrorist watchlist now has more than 1,000,000 names and Apple has just sold more than a 1,000,000 3G iPhones this past weekend. Coincidence?

    Fk. I'm probably on that watchlist. I'm surprised they didn't pull me out of teh queue or give me a body cavity search.
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    Originally Posted by poke View Post

    ...because mainland Europe doesn't go in much for queuing for phones.

    I think they packed in the stores pretty well and bought up all the iPhone 3Gs. ...Belgium for example, Switzerland, all gone. So overall a good sign for iPhone in mainland Europe.

    Originally Posted by HFU View Post

    +1 ... Seriously Apple simply does not have the man power to deal with another new product release now. If you go around any Apple store, the only product Apple stores are selling is iPhone 3G yet the lines loop around block after block as people have been waiting in line for Disneyland attraction...

    Totally agree. Apple is at max capacity in all areas of its operations. They tried and are trying to leverage the mobile phone telco companies and handset distributors but outside of AT&T we can see that this relationship is facing challenges, not least because a lot of these telcos are balls and suck big time in their own ways.

    Regent Street Store London, you wouldn't believe the huge number of staff, infrastructure, etc. unless you've been there a few times, and even then, it's still pretty impressive. It's like a small enterprise in and of itself. Scale this by 1,000 for Apple Global *retail* alone, and you can see the mammoth task Apple now has, to grow without losing itself in the process. Not easy.
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    Originally Posted by maybesew View Post

    So by your math, 1 million iPhone 3G means there are 10 million UNLOCKED original iPhones, when Apple has said they sold a total of 6 million.

    Nice work.

    Are you dumber than you look?! Where do you get this math? He said 10 times bigger in HIS or HER country. If his or her country sold 1 million then you'd be correct but no single country sold 1 million iPhone 3G over the weekend launch.

    I'll quote from their post, so please read carefully, "The number of hacked iPhone 2G phones in my country is still 10 times bigger than the number of carrier locked iPhone 3G phones."

    ..."my country"...

    One would need to find out the country, of course, in order to comment on their mathematical interpretation but if you were to believe Piper Jeffray's Gene Munsters country stats chart listed in another AI article, there are six countries with 2k or 3k of 3G iPhones sold. Are you saying that over the course of the original iPhone introduction and year to date sales from that launch to the launch of the 3G iPhone that it is not possible that out of a total of 6 million iPhones sold that 20,000 - 30,000 2G iPhone units have not been purchased, unlocked and floating around in his or her country???

    I doubt those numbers but that is not what I am saying here. I am saying is the suggestion that unlocked 2G iPhones is 10 times bigger than the number of carrier locked 3G iPhones sold over the three day weekend time period PLAUSIBLE?
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