Inside the iPhone 3G dropped call complaints



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    Originally Posted by zigzaglens View Post

    Just as an update - I've given the 2.0.2 update plenty of time and usage to try to see if there is any improvement. I've basically seen none.

    It took a few days but my Safari crashing and keyboard typing speed issues returned. my 3G has always been fine.
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    Originally Posted by Daniel0418 View Post

    Mail I can see on my phone even after trying manually update it or setting the push to every 15 minutes is still not showing me everything I really have. I use gmail. I will push update and 2 new messages come. I go to and log in and I see two more unread messages sent prior to the ones I have received on my phone. Why Can't I get these messages on my phone!? Also You Tube likes to tell me that "This video is not formatted properly to be viewed here" even thought I just watched the video a day ago or a few hours before. What is that about? Also right now I downloaded updates for my Applications on my computer and then I plugged my phone in to sync. I started at 9:56and the stupid back up took until 11:53 and now its still syncing. It has been syncing from 11:54 till now still and its only 60% done. WTF!!!

    gmail does not support push email yet. it only has pull email through syncing.
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    As someone who held of from purchasing an iPhone until a 3G version was available, I am annoyed that the phone doesn't do what Apple say it does. I pay £60 odd pounds a month for an unusable telephone, web browsing device, email device etc. I might as well just burn the money. I am now on my third iPhone and second sim card.

    Here are some of my problems: -

    1. Wireless network. My second iPhone got 1 bar as a signal even when 1 metre away from Airport Extreme wireless hub (same with two of them. Problem repeatable in Apple store). My first iPhone had a better wireless signal. My third iPhone has a better signal.

    2. keyboard lag in different applications including texting. Same problem on all phones and it doesn't matter what upgrades are installed (official Apple ones).

    3. safari crashes regularly. It doesn?t matter whether I am utilising iTunes at the time or not. Not particulalr to any web site. Today it has crashed three times in under one hour; looking at different web sites including the Apple web site.

    4. Address book lag in coming up is unacceptable. Doesn?t matter whether I access it from the application icon or from within phone

    5. Can?t get a 3g connection even in 3g areas (tested with two Sony Ericsson phones and one Nokia phone)

    6. Phone doesn?t like working when 3G turned on (phone signal drops to one bar or zero bars)

    7. Have swapped sim cards. No difference

    8. Have swapped iPhones. Wireless network signal worse on second iPhone. 3G signal very slightly better on second iPhone. Wireless and 3G better on third iPhone, but still no where near as good as on two Sony Ericssons and one Nokia - even with iPhone sim card.

    9. First iPhone swap was a courtesy exchange. Wasn?t a warranty exchange (on first iPhone wireless was fine, just couldn?t use 3G or phone). Told me it was too late to cancel contract. I told the I had been trying to rtesolve issues from the day after I bought the phone - by doing what Apple techs told me to. Second iPhone swap Apple didn't try to argue with me - particularly as I had a typed list of issues, plus they are a lot more aware of the issues.

    10. Says I have a signal then tells me I don?t when I try and use phone to make a call.

    11. Works intermittently in areas where it may be fine. Then tells me I have no signal. Hangs up on calls.

    12. Have used sim card in Sony Ericsson phones. 3G detection is significantly better, 3G speeds are fast, and there is a signal. Voice calls also miles better and do not drop calls

    13. Try resetting the iPhones. Phone signal shows as being better, but isn?t. No improvement elsewhere either.

    14. Have carried out software updates. Second iPhone crashed more than before update. Resetting iPhone at least once every day.

    On exchanging iPhone for third time I said I would be changing iPhone until Apple meet their obligations in providing me with a product that does what they claim the iPhone does. The genius person said that swapping iPhones is not going to resolve matters.

    As I said I don't want to pay £60 odd per month for a product that doesn't work.
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    here is a link to a petition so we can start to document the numbers of folks who are experiencing this problem with dropped calls and network connections

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    Here is the solution for dropped calls on your iPhone 3gs:

    Go to Settings -> General -> scroll all the way down to Reset -> Reset Network Settings (if you have your iPhone password protected, it will ask you to type in the passcode) -> click Okay (or whatever it says to continue (I don't remember exactly what it said when I did it) and you are done! Voila!
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    The cause is plain and simple: AT&T always tries to maintain very high bit rates, which they can't actually maintain.

    iPhone is just a little bit less sensitive, than other phones, but under normal conditions the connection is rock solid and reliable, when the throughput is well adapted and is kept manageable.
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