Apple invitations sent out!!



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    rhg84rhg84 Posts: 6member
    Originally Posted by zerfman View Post

    you guys are all idiots...

    he told us it was a fake in the first post......

    you make me feel proud to be human

    I agree with the above posters, I saw his first post before he edited. Its stupid of him trying to fake it and pretending he has a friend at cnet. If he had stated the truth in the first place I see no problem but the fact that he was trying to pass it off as real was the annoying part
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    mcarlingmcarling Posts: 1,106member
    I wish the moderators would kindly delete this thread. It is a complete waste of time and reflects badly on
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    kolchakkolchak Posts: 1,398member
    In fact, in the third post above which he never edited, he still lied about it being a fake. Quoted here so he can't change it:

    Originally Posted by brinkjj2 View Post

    no it isnt a fake. friend at cnet sent it to me, they are wonering the same as us

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