Microsoft to spoof Hodgman in new "I'm a PC" television ads



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    Originally Posted by ncee View Post

    He GOT WAY to much (Much more then 10 million when the show sold). The show was not worth 10 million when it sold, let alone nearly 1 BILLION???

    Getting rid of him, is a good thing, but it's not going to matter who they get ?

    It's worth what people pay. An individual's opinion doesn't really matter on this if other people are plenty willing to pay anyway.

    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    What is especially silly is that without a proper right click on MacBook/MacBookPro it is difficult to use Windows, or OS X for that matter, unless you buy a mouse and forget about the whole trackpad altogether.

    I never liked the fingerwagger anyway, I always took my mouse whenever I could.

    Originally Posted by DanaCameron View Post

    Has anyone else seen the Windows "Mojave" ad(s)? I'm not sure if it's just one ad or if they have several featuring different people.

    AI did a story on it a few weeks ago.

    Originally Posted by mrpiddly View Post

    In the apple ads, isn't Pc supposed to represent the operating system and not the user?

    I really hate big companies that try to be "indie" or define their customers as individuals. how about they advertise the actal product.

    That's what they usually do. Big companies tend to misunderstand a "scene" (for the lack of a good word to describe it) and just promote it all wrong.

    Originally Posted by auxio View Post

    Even beyond that. Have the Mac user pull up in an Audi/BMW (with built-in iPod integration), being very smug about the latest music to come out of <pick your fashion capitol>, talking about "haute" architecture/design, being dismissive of any opinions the PC user has. Make the Mac user seem obsessive in their following of high-end culture, and really play up that feeling one gets when they encounter someone like that. Make the PC user intelligent, but have a much more approachable and common-sense outlook on things.

    In other words, a twist on the Grey Poupon ads.
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    Originally Posted by jeffharris View Post

    The Apple Mighty Mouse that ships with every desktop Mac (except the mini) has been available for what, 3 or 4 years and while you can't SEE the right button, there is indeed a built-in right button.

    The single worst piece of hardware Apple makes and arguably the worst mouse ever created with the possible exception being the hockey puck design.
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    Microsoft. Putting the "bogus" back in Bogusky.?

    Originally Posted by jeffharris View Post

    Apple uses a rocker switch instead of separate switches for left and right clicking.

    Close, but it's actually a two-part touch sensor just under the shell, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Some how, I was starting to warm up to the Seinfeld's version of Bill Gates, even though the commercials were making fun of Microsoft's own market base. Because of committee (mob) decision making... their commercials will always fail, like their OS, it won't succeed until they go back to a singular person's vision (MS-DOS) of how it should work.
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    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    "One new Microsoft commercial even begins with a company engineer who resembles John Hodgman, the comedian portraying the loser PC character in the Apple campaign," according to the Times. "'Hello, I?m a PC,' the engineer says, echoing Mr. Hodgman?s recurring line, 'and I?ve been made into a stereotype.'"

    Poor baby! Has that mean old Apple been bullying you again? Here... let me buy you a copy of the Ultra Professional Unlimited Unrestrained Super Better Than Sex version of Vista and maybe that will make you feel better. What? You want SP1 with it? Well, okay... but just this once.

    I'm beginning to think that the $300 million is not so much for the ad campaign as it is a bribe to the Media to keep criticism under control.

    Until Microsoft realizes that they need to do their job and do it well, they'll continue to suffer. When you're not smart enough to realize (or honest enough to admit) that you're making mistakes, then you are forced to believe (or at least say you believe) that your competitors' successes are due to such things as clever advertising.

    A word to the Board of Directors at Microsoft: Management by reaction is not management, and while that approach has worked for Coca-Cola, it has never actually worked in the computer industry. Microsoft must lead, and that means they need someone other than Steve Ballmer or his ilk at their operational helm. Once you do your job, the advertising is easy -- and there is no better proof of that principle than Apple and its "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ads.
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    Originally Posted by nagromme View Post

    Apple should come up with some kind of ad pointing out that Macs can run Microsoft Windows too.

    He he - just think what the I'm a Mac spot might look like. PC on Mac? Could get ugly.
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    Originally Posted by JeffDM View Post

    AI did a story on it a few weeks ago.

    I clearly missed it. Thanks.
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    Originally Posted by jeffharris View Post

    Apple uses a rocker switch instead of separate switches for left and right clicking. It can be activated or not using the Keyboard and Mouse System Preference.

    It's not a rocker switch. I wish it were a rocker of some sort. It's a capacitive sensing system. If your finger is not above the primary side, it reads a click on the secondary. It can even sense a finger a few mm away from the shell on the primary side and still register it as a primary click, even if the force you use is pressing on the secondary side. It's kind of annoying because I like to rest my fingers on the keys, I'm light enough on the touch to not click buttons, so I have to move my primary finger away in order to do a secondary click.
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    Originally Posted by ncee View Post

    And now Apple is issues with many printers not working with 10.5

    error -9632

    But there is a cure ?

    Holy crap, whats the cure? My Samsung Laser Printer literally worked yesterday, and does not work today, and I ahve no idea why. But I've seen it since 10.4. Steer me, Obi Wan, in the right direction....
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    Originally Posted by bobborries View Post

    Some how, I was starting to warm up to the Seinfeld's version of Bill Gates, even though the commercials were making fun of Microsoft's own market base. Because of committee (mob) decision making... their commercials will always fail, like their OS, it won't succeed until they go back to a singular person's vision (MS-DOS) of how it should work.

    Those commercials dont make much sense, but I gotta admit, when Bill Gates snatches the Chinese Food and runs away blurting out "I have Nothing", I fell out of my chair laughing.

    I REALLY enjoyed watching Bill Gates the actor, I dont know why. He's likeable.
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    Originally Posted by ascii View Post

    I don't want to start a flame war, but I spend about half my time in Windows (at work) and the other half in OS X (at home), and there are a *few* things I like better in Windows:

    - Load/save dialogs are better than OS X

    - Font rendering is cleaner/clearer

    - Windows Explorer is a better file manager than Finder

    - Table controls, tree controls, and sliders look better

    - Disc burning is more intuitive

    But overall I prefer OS X. You can't expect something to be better in every single aspect because some things are tradeoffs.

    Here's hoping Apple gives you credit when they improve OS X using your list!

    It seems it wasn't that long ago that Macs were stereotyped as "toys". Apple's response was to innovate. M$ introduces ads. As Peter Drucker said: marketing and innovation bring in revenue and everything else reduces revenue.
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    Why would Microsoft care? They don't sell hardware and they love that some Mac users are spending $300+ for a retail copy of Windows to run with Boot Camp or Parallels. So it seems Microsoft wins either way.

    However, the real-life PC users would be fun to see..."Damn it! Another virus, more spyware, crashing programs...but I really love my Windows!" Or, "I saved a file, but now I don't know where it is because Windows is so user friendly."

    The Windows Mojave commercial is really stupid. "Your actually looking at Windows Vista....response...No way?" Come on....they can't be that stupid?
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    Originally Posted by mstone View Post

    Windows uses right click a lot more than Mac. It would be nice to right click hold and drag for example to copy files. But I don't want to hijack this MS TV ad thread into a rant about no right click buttons. Apple has been digging their heels in about this issue for years. It wouldn't kill them to have another button - especially if they want to advertise that it runs Windows.

    Please, Apple, do NOT give into the awful split-button thing that Windows laptops use. Then it matters WHERE on the pad your hand is, and you have to do different thumb contortions just to make a left-click! With Apple's solution, no matter whether your hand is to the left or right, you can always get a left-click easily. Good design--and good OS design not REQUIRING right-clicking, too.

    BTW, there are three ways to get a right-click if you need it:


    Two-finger tap (ideal for me).

    Two fingers on the pad, and click the button. If you don't like tapping, this is much nicer than having to deal with the split.

    Throw in Apple's pinch-zooming, control-zooming, 360-degree scrolling, and 3-finger forward/back, and I'd certainly never want to settle for a PC trackpad. Not even when running Windows. (Which I do via VMWare, giving me even more freedom to customize how right-click work if I feel the need.)
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    Does anyone actually *pride* themselves on using PCs? I mean really come on.

    You know, Microsoft would do better if they actually spent time innovating Windows and adding useful features, programs to use with it. Every Windows version has the same quirks of changing settings such as in Display settings from way back in Win95 days. MS should add some cool tight apps to go with Windows. Has anyone ever used Movie Maker. What a terrible application.... It has potential but looks like it was put together in an all-nighter weekend with no substance. Windows Media Player would be cool if it didn't suck so bad...rebuffering gets old when you're just skipping or rewinding a small video on the C: drive.

    I'm not a hater! I'm just hard on deliberate lack of trying. Microsoft is the 'F' student that always sits in the back row interrupting the class for attention and begging answers off of the 'A' students.

    One day, Microsoft will see the light, I just wonder if it will be in time.
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    Originally Posted by TBaggins View Post

    This thread is fun, but ppl are kinda missing the big picture...

    The way these things work is usually a progression along these lines:

    Step 1: IGNORE

    Step 2: RIDICULE

    Step 3: ATTACK

    Step 4: COPY

    Step 5: STEAL


    Nonsense and I love Mac's.

    Note Jobs never talks about DOCK! Google Y'Z'Dock to find the inventor.

    MSFT invented INDEXING but APPLE got it done first in OSX then came vista, so you THINK that they are stealing when it's the other way around.

    MSFT has bailed out APPLE many times, no MSFT, and there would be NO Apple.

    Widgets? Gadgets? Hello, even google has widgets.

    Time Machine? System Restore, a long time before time machine.

    And mac users tend to be stupid too, I don't know why but they are, typical mac user hasn't a clue about 667 FSB vs 1000FSB, not to mention Apple charging $500 or more for $120 memory.

    Still, check this, on a macbook, the GPU benchmarks used to be 71%, then 104% then 140% then 171% open GL on a macbook, sure, you could not play games but you could run motion, so what did apple do? They crippled it. Now its 71% and no motion, so they cripple it for the less than 1% of the marketshare users, the PROS that MADE apple famous.

    Add to that the iMac's used to be in MATTE for GRAPHIC PRO'S and now that they are more powerful, it's all GLOSSY = NON PRO USE as the color correction is all wrong.

    Through in that Apple DUMPED standard FIREWIRE (TEXAS INSTRUMENTS) on the MACBOOKS and iMACS and you have LOTS of problems with FIREWIRE PRO AUDIO/VIDEO devices, forcing pro's to get a MAC PRO or MBP and if you want games, the same.

    Here's a PRO link on FIREWIRE on the APPLE LINE and when they DUMPED to a cheaper firewire chipset.

    Take off the rose colored glasses and realize that 1) EXCHANGE and 3rd Party app's (Hello mobile me nightmare and no PUSH and dealing with 3rd party apps not as easy as APPLE thought it would be and MSFT is doing pretty good, especially considering if they wanted, MSFT could swoop in (if they said the HECK with ANTI TRIUST), Nvidia, ATI, INTEL, HP, GOOGLE and still have 90% of the market and dominate everything.

    Please, don't be a typical fan boy (or girl) who is misinformed.

    Apple stole many of their idea's and yet people STILL to this day think it's the other way around.

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    If Apple is worried about still using "I'm a PC"'s the new commercial:

    Hello I'm a Mac

    ...and I'm Windows.

    Get STRAIGHT to the point - no PC, f*%&king WINDOWS.

    or better yet...

    I'm Bill Gates.
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    Originally Posted by hiimamac View Post

    MSFT has bailed out APPLE many times, no MSFT, and there would be NO Apple.

    That's such a misrepresentation of the actual events that I almost passed out from the shock that some people actually believe that to be true. Wow!

    Do some research please. Hint, evaluate your data.
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    Here's a PS to, or segue from, jeffharris's sig line, "Macintosh: It just WORKS!":

    "Vista--It just labors."

    Incidentally, here's my submission to any contest that might exist for MS's next $10 million ad commission:

    Graphic: a triptych done in Bosch style. The center panel shows the Apple Guy in a black turtleneck and beret with a Mephistophelean smile. He's holding an apple in each hand, extending them to the characters in the left and right panels. A legend on a label on (or tray beneath) the left hand apple reads, "Try it, you'll like it." The right-hand label reads, "It's tasty--a little bite'll do ya."

    The left panel shows Adam turning his face away in horror and shielding his eyes with one hand while extending his other hand, palm facing the center, in a gesture of refusal. The right panel shows Eve in the same posture.

    Foot-line: "Just Say NO!!"

    (Possible credit-line: Drag Enforcement Agency)

    Above the border of the whole item would be the headline: "Snapshot from a Ballmer daydream."
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    White stage. John Hodgman on the left. Justin Long on the right.

    Justin: Hello, I'm Justin Long.

    John: And I'm John Hodgman.

    Justin: For the past 2 years, we have appeared in a series of humorous commercials for Apple where we personify what a Mac is versus what a PC is.

    John: These commercials are fun.... But, Justin's not really a Mac... And I'm not really a PC. And if you think you are a PC... please... get some help!

    Justin: Yeah... Because that's just weird!

    Fade to Apple logo.
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