iGolf for iPhone gets you into the swing of things (review)

in iPhone edited January 2014
iGolf by SGN (Free, App Store) is an accelerometer-driven game that sets you on a virtual driving range. From there, you choose from three clubs. iGolf then beckons you to clasp your iPhone tightly and swing it like a golf club. The ball flies through the air across a 3D landscape, lands, and presents you with virtual yardage statistics. Scores are recorded, with high scores yielding cheers and poor scores giving way to silence.

I managed to swing a good 150 yards on my first go, completely by accident. After some practice, I was averaging an unprecedented 415 yards with the driver. The game is incredibly sensitive to the accelerometer, however, and therefore mis-swings occurred quite often while preparing to windup, or in the windup itself.

There is also a "Challenge your friends" option, and although you might expect it to start a game where you pass your iPhone about with your friends, it actually means sending an email that advertises iGolf to your friends (screenshot below).

iGolf offers some quick, free fun amongst friends, but until it's boosted with a couple of new features, it'll stay a gimmicky, although well made, game.

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