X-Plane 9 upgrade waiting in the wings

in iPhone edited January 2014
X-Plane 9, by Laminar Research, the firm favourite for flight on the go, is set to get an upgrade to 9.01 any day now, with improved framerate, interface, and control calibrations. We reviewed X-Plane 9 a couple of days ago, and were left impressed.

The X-Plane developer has also added an uppercase riddled story of how X-Plane came to be, telling of a trip to the "hive-mind" of Apple Campus in Cupertino, the security of facility, and the sense of excitement Laminar Research felt while they were there.

Apparently X-Plane 9 was sought for the September 9th "Let's Rock!" event, but supposedly Steve Jobs thought that the app was not fast-paced enough to hold the momentum in one of his keynotes.

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