IBM announces Lotus Domino eMail for the iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
IBM on Tuesday announced an expansion of its Lotus Notes and Domino collaboration software that delivers higher levels of mobility and security for the iPhone.

Lotus iNotes ultralite is a software download that allows users to perform Lotus Notes email and view calendar and contacts using the iPhone. The software is available at no extra charge to users who have a Lotus Notes software license and is also included with IBM's new Lotus Notes software 8.0.2, which raises performance and uses 20 percent less memory than the previous version.

iPhone users can access the Web-based Lotus iNotes ultralite application through Safari. For added security and protection of corporate data, iPhone users can also choose to use IBM's Lotus Mobile Connect virtual private network software along with ultralite.

Features include:

Access email, calendars, and contacts

Easily view your inbox

Read email with details either hidden or shown

Quickly compose or reply to email

View email attachments

View day-at-a-glance calendar

View details on meetings, all day events, reminders, and anniversaries

View an organized view of your contacts

View information on contacts and groups

Quickly create new contact entries

Additional details were covered in an earlier AppleInsider report.
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