Apple Launches iPhone Tech Talk World Tour

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After dropping the NDA that served as an awkward communication barrier between iPhone developers, Apple has now launched a worldwide tour of presentations covering the iPhone application development tools and related technologies.

The free events, which start later this month and continue through December, will send Apple engineers and technology evangelists across the US, Europe, India, Asia and Australia to meet with developers and provide them with expertise in code optimization, user interface design, game design, web and custom apps for the enterprise, and to answer general questions about mobile software development.

Developers can register to attend one of the tech talk events online, which will be held in the following cities:

North America

Oct 22 San Francisco

Oct 24 Los Angeles

Nov 03 Austin

Nov 05 Chicago

Dec 02 New York

Dec 04 Toronto

Dec 09 Seattle


Oct 22 Paris

Oct 24 Munich

Nov 03 Amsterdam

Nov 07 London

Nov 10 Berlin

Nov 11 Madrid

Nov 14 Copenhagen

Nov 17 Zurich

Nov 19 Rome

Dec 08 Stockholm


Nov 24 Bangalore

Nov 27 Delhi

Asia Pacific

Oct 30 Tokyo

Nov 04 Singapore

Nov 10 Hong Kong

Nov 19 Sydney

Nov 21 Melbourne

In the US, the events are scheduled like a mini-WWDC, with three session tracks featuring presentations such as Introduction to Objective-C and Cocoa Touch, Advanced UIKit and Device Features, iPhone User Interface Design, iPhone Game Development Technologies, Maximizing Your Application's Performance on iPhone, and Submitting to the App Store using iTunes Connect.

The third track focuses on corporate development, including the sessions Using Advanced Web Technologies on iPhone, Integrating iPhone with IT, and In-house Application Development for iPhone.

In other regions, a simplified session outline will be presented. The sessions are free to attend, but Apple warns that space is limited. At WWDC, individuals pay around $1500 to attend, but Apple still ran out of space at the Moscone West convention center this year.


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    monstrositymonstrosity Posts: 2,214member
    I just signed up for london, anyone else from here going to that one?
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    I signed up for Madrid.

    It suprises me that they ask for the type of application you're currently developing for iPhone while they cover subjects as "Introduction to Objective-C and Cocoa Touch".

    I'm currently going thru all the online documentation trying to master the basics, I'm glad I still have some time to practise before this event
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    I'm surprised Wasilla, Alaska wosn't on the list.
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    I am heading to London one - only registered and not confirmed yet.

    It looks like they are not running the Intro to Obj-C in the London one, which I could really do with!
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    wheelhotwheelhot Posts: 465member
    You must register? Where? Im planning to go to the Singapore convention.
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    Originally Posted by Oh-es-Ten View Post

    It looks like they are not running the Intro to Obj-C in the London one, which I could really do with!

    I advise you to read this doc:
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    abster2coreabster2core Posts: 2,501member
    Originally Posted by monkeystation View Post

    I advise you to read this doc:

    Thanks for the link.

    However, there appears to be another PDF version at, with the same document code.

    Not sure if there is any major difference. Certainly the cover page and the page count, i.e., 14 pages, is different between the two versions.
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    dualiedualie Posts: 333member
    There are two in Australia in two fairly close together cities, but only one in all of Canada. Interesting strategy there what.
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    Originally Posted by EyeNsteinNo View Post

    I'm surprised Wasilla, Alaska wosn't on the list.

    why would they put one in a place with a population under 10,000? or is this some attempt at a palin joke?
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    Just signed up for Amsterdam on November 3. Got a generic email reply that my application was "being processed". Anybody got a definite confirmation yet?

    -- Thomas
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    ZZzzzz, soo many questions need to be filled.
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    nvidia2008nvidia2008 Posts: 9,262member
    F*K. Singapore is a 6 hour bus-ride away from me. Stupid Malaysia, no bloody iPhone yet.
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    LA is already full
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    Originally Posted by monstrosity View Post

    I just signed up for london, anyone else from here going to that one?

    I signed up, but it was full so am on the waiting list. Hopefully if I can't get on this one they'll hold another day in the future.

    Anyone know what language the other events in Europe will be in - i.e if I sign up to Madrid will it be in Spanish or English?
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