What about "Mac OS Up-To-Date" 10.2 orders?



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    wait never mind. i found it.
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    Ok, so I got it at about 11am this morning.

    Bummer is, it's a special "Update" version. In order to use it, you have to have 10.1 installed. Ok, that's fine, I guess. It sucks when you want to re-install from scratch, though; having to install 10.1 first.

    But, here's the kicker which really annoys me: the installer will only do an "Upgrade" install. No "Clean" or "Archive" or whatever option. <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" /> I've read all over that Jaguar should be installed "Clean". I totally wanted to install clean, but I couldn't. The upgrade went fine, but I would still like to re-install clean. Does anybody have any pointers to info on changing one of these update CDs into a full install CD. Or, actually, info on enabling the "Clean" or "Archive" options would be nice, too.

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    My Up-to-Date arrived today, but I missed it.....do I go to the FedEx center after 6:30 pm (when the truck returns) about 15 miles from here, or do I just wait for the redelivery on Monday? Decisions, decisions.....


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    I'm going to bury this here in this thread because I think the "powers that be" at AI might not appreciate a completely out in the open thread about this. I believe Apple cracked-down kinda hard last time and I don't want to stir up trouble.

    If you got the 10.2 "Upgrade" CD (the one this thread is about), you can indeed turn it into the full, regular installer (so that you can choose to do a "Clean" or "Archive" install) in the exact same manner as it was done for the 10.1 "Upgrade" CD. Search Google for the instructions.

    If you think about there is no earthly reason why Apple should have disabled these options on the 10.2 Upgrade installer.
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    Will I have to erase my hard drive since I ordered the Up-to-Date OS X? That totally sucks!! I want to do a Clean Install, goddamnit!

    - PEte

    PS - why the hell didn't I just wait a month to order my computer then, if everything I've done since then is bunk anyway?? Apple takes my money and then shoves a big rod up my ass -- nice business practice.
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    [quote]Originally posted by CoolHandPete:

    <strong>Will I have to erase my hard drive since I ordered the Up-to-Date OS X? That totally sucks!! I want to do a Clean Install, goddamnit!</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Um... I think you have it backwards. A "Clean" install is an install to an erased drive. The "Upgrade" version that you ordered will only do an "Upgrade" install. It requires that 10.1 is already installed on the drive and it will only upgrade 10.1 to 10.2. It won't replace 10.1 with 10.2. If you erase your drive first, you will not be able to use your "Upgrade" installer.

    However, as I mentioned above, you can hack the "Upgrade" installer CD to become the regular, full installer CD (allowing "Clean", "Archive" or "Upgrade" installs). The hack is exactly the same as when Apple released the last Mac OS X "Upgrade" CD (the one they handed out for free at the stores). I don't want to post the instructions here, but you should be able to find them pretty easily searching Google groups (or, as a last resort, you can PM me).

    And... since I'm posting about this again, I just want to re-iterate that Apple seriously blundered this time with this Upgrade-only installer. First, there's no way that somebody that bought one of these "Upgrade" installers doesn't already have 10.1. The ordering restrictions ensure this. Right there it makes no sense to require that we have 10.1 installed before installing 10.2. Second: ok, after the installer decides that 10.1 is installed, what in the world is the point of not allowing a "Clean" or "Archive" install? The only possible explanation would be a desire to frustrate the customer so that perhaps they'll get so aggravated that they simply break-down and buy the full, more-expensive retail version.
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