Apple profits rise 26% on sales of 2.6M Macs, 6.8M iPhones



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    Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post

    The point was, and again I'm not sure why you are missing this, is that they could have shipped a 64 GB device. All they needed was a design with two chip positions available, that would have been similar to the previous Touch.. It has nothing to do with physics, it was a design trade off.

    I stopped reading after your first paragraph was still trumpeting a 64GB Touch in a device that you know only has a single chip.

    What is the point of arguing about Apple should have done? They didn't go that route, you know they didn't go that route, so you have to deal with what is available now. By your argument, why not say, "They have should have included 16 chips with 8GB chips for 128GB", but as stated, all that add more issues. You can't just focus on the capacity. I bet once a 128GB Touch does comes out you'll be wanting and expecting a 512GB Touch. \
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    Originally Posted by markb View Post

    The margins improved significantly? Love to see if this means CURRENT quarters margins are the ones that are going to take the hit. Is there some other mega-charge other than the new nvidia chipset that was going to nuke margins? Were they supposed to introduce the notebooks several months earlier and thus hit margins last quarter? What were they thinking with last quarters guidance?!?!

    Introducing the 32GB iPhone? New LED Aluminum MacBooks, New Aluminum LED iMacs? There will always tricks of releases that you can do to inflate your sales revenues.
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    Originally Posted by cameronj View Post

    Heh, funny you would say that. The answer is no, it's not another application of Reganomics. It's simple economics. Which is also to say, Reganomics is just a basic application of standard economic theory

    fair enough but when you take the top tax rate from 70 to 28 during your tenure you've obviously applied economics in a different method than those previous to you and thus your policies become remembered as a "breakthrough" so-to-speak. Perfect example - the iPod! Apple wasn't the first but they were the first to really challenge the status quo and push it to the people.
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