FastMac iV gives iPhones 24-hour calling time

in iPhone edited January 2014
FastMac hopes it will knock out complaints of low battery life and poor photography on iPhone 3G in one fell swoop through the iV.

Designed to attach through the Dock Connector and sit on the phone's back, the add-on primarily carries a 3100mAh battery that roughly triples the runtime for most iPhone functions: combined with the built-in Apple battery, an iPhone can last for up to 24 hours of calls, 20 or more hours of video and about 72 hours of continuous music. It should also last for a full month on standby.

Additionally, a pass-through USB port also lets users charge a second portable device at the same time, whether it's a Bluetooth headset or another phone.

The company also says it has killed a second bird with the same stone: a built-in LED flash provides illumination for shots in the dark and can even be left on to serve as a makeshift flashlight.

The iV works with original iPhones as well and should be shipping today for $80.


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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    I went with this brawny battery pack since it was cheap, has 3200mAh, and a 30-pin connector passthrough.
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