FourTrack gives iPhone multi-track recording

in iPhone edited January 2014
Many have commented on iPhone's inability to record and edit more than one audio track at a time, but now FourTrack ($9.99, App Store) by Sonoma Wire Works is set to remedy that.

Targeted at musicians of every sort, FourTrack lets you record its namesake four tracks, capturing each track one at a time. For instance, you could start with piano, introduce a bit of guitar, then some vocals, and finish it off with a recording of people applauding your latest effort. The Beatles recorded several albums with this method; it must be alright.

The app works with the inbuilt microphone, the iPhone headset or an iPod touch with a third-party microphone. There's Wi-Fi syncing with computers, too, for when you feel the iPhone by itself doesn't satisfy your needs as a music producer.

FourTrack is bristling with features, with time lines, shuttle wheels, latency compensation, a compressor-limiter, recording clip lights, and a lot more (the app store description contains all the explanations and features -- the list is too large for this article). The interface also has that top-tier finish, and it only goes to show that no effort has been spared in producing this app. At its introductory price of $9.99, FourTrack may prove just the trick for those more impromptu musical sessions.

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