Windows 7 "Snap" features available on Mac?



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    NetEng:  I work on both systems, and I just found this article:


    So, I downloaded the free software "ShiftIt" and it is working just fine - it has keyboard shortcuts, which are a must for me.


    It is working really well, so far...of course, I've only had it installed for a couple of hours...  :-)

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    Originally Posted by compulsiveguile View Post

    I was wondering if there were any apps/hacks out there that *I can't believe I'm saying this* give similar "window Snapping" functionality that Windows 7 offers?


    I'm quite jealous of this feature.


    This is what I'm referring to -->

    I use windows 7 as my primary pc (and my mac for work, of course).. I didn't even know this existed, no need to be jealous, you will never use it!

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