New behavior (or bug) discovered in iPhone 2.2 software

in iPhone edited January 2014
One AppleInsider reader submits the following YouTube video showing a new behavior discovered in the Safari page navigation interface of the latest iPhone Software 2.2 beta.

At face value, it appears the behavior is more likely a bug than a feature.


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    This should be actually very cool if it would be released in the official 2.2 firmware!

    But I think that this is somehow a little bigger news, so not only on the blog, but also requires a place on the front page of AppleInsider.
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    Any chance I can get a description of what this is? Youtube is blocked at work so I've got nothing...
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    nagrommenagromme Posts: 2,834member
    It shows scrolling of the thumbnails when you're browsing several open pages: you can flick sideways to cycle pages as usual, or flick up/down to scroll the contents of any page.

    This actually seems very useful to me. Especially in landscape mode.
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