Chess with Friends: an iPhone multi-player game

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Chess is already a good game, so just imagine how much fun Chess with Friends (App Store, $4.99) is going to be.

That seems to be the line of thinking from Newtoy, Inc. a new studio formed by two brothers who quit their jobs at Microsoft to work on the iPhone, a platform which they believe is going places. They've worked on games like Age of Empires, and more recently, Halo Wars - until they quit the job to start Newtoy.

Chess for Friends allows you to play chess with friends or random opponents using an asynchronous server - meaning that you don't have to stay online for the game to keep going, allowing you to make a move against your opponent whenever it suits you. Other Chess games require you to sit out chess games in one big go, so Chess with Friends has got a lot going for it.

It supports multiple games (otherwise it would be titled "Chess with Friend") and a "Pass and Play" mode to challenge a friend who is with you in person. If you have no friends, the app can also find you a random opponent.

Newtoy promises in-game chat and virtual grandmasters for 1.1, and asks that interested onlookers keep an eye out for future games on the "Games with Friends" network.


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    solipsismsolipsism Posts: 25,726member
    Nice! I've been waiting for an app like this since day one.
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    It's a great idea, but unfortunately, it sucks without background notification.

    absolutely sucks without background notification.
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    In all fairness, lack of notification isn't something third party developers have any control over. Apple promised a push notification system by Sept but have yet to deliver. Hope it's coming soon, because games like this kind of need it.
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