Review roundup: RIM's new touchscreen BlackBerry Storm



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    I got the Storm last night and I have to admit the screen blows away the iPhone. Camera is far better and I like the way the touch screen works. Far better for text messaging.

    Battery life blows away the iPhone. I does feel heavy but I think thats is due to the better battery. The sound and screen quality are really far better then the iPhone. Of course this is only one persons opinion but I really like it so far.

    OS works fine for me and unlike the iPhone I feel like I dont have to wait for three firmware patches for it to work correctly.

    Now that I have this actually in my hand I would have to say the negative reviews at least so far I think are way off.

    The touch screen is interesting not sure how well its going to hold up. The entire touch screen acts as one big button, as your fingers scroll across the screen it highlights or buttons just light up and you press. The entire screen moves. Works great just not sure hnow durable its going to be in the long run.

    Network feels better then ATT

    apple software integration >> all the advantages you just mentioned.
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    Originally Posted by MJ Web View Post

    Imitation is the sincerest form of mediocrity.

    Exactly! The iphone did NOT invent the touch screen phone! Microsoft was here WAY before Asspple discovered touch screen phones.
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    Originally Posted by jinjo235 View Post

    Unless I'm mistaken, and correct me if I'm wrong...the closest plan that you can get to the iPhones base plan of $70 on AT&T now costs nearly $100 on Verizon for the Storm?

    Heres how I break it down...

    BlackBerry Storm Base Plan:

    Nationwide Basic 450 ? 2-year contract $40.00

    Blackberry® Unlimited Data Usage $45.00

    Visual Voicemail $3.00/month

    VZ Navigator (required for GPS which, is included on iPhone) $10.00/month


    iPhone Base Plan:

    Nationwide 450 minutes - 2 year contract $40.00

    iPhone Unlimited Data Usage $30.00

    Visual Voicemail Included

    Google Maps/GPS Included


    sounds like a rip-off for me...

    Get your facts straight; VZW is NOT required for GPS! The Storm comes with BBMaps for free! Unlimited data is $29.99, that plan is more comparable to the iPhone data plan.
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    Originally Posted by Daniel0418 View Post

    Yeah Apple is letting go most of their customers do to not fixing major issues. Even though some reviews say the iPhone has a better browsing interface compared to the Blackberry I know they are only talking about the browsing they experienced on the iPhone during their previous review. Because I will take any other browser at this pooint because of how much iPhone browser crashes and lags during text input. I was looking forward to this phone because of all the features the iPhone lacks. Sucks there is no WiFi but I wouldn't even use WiFi on my iPhone if I had 3G where I lived. So I don't know. I am still going to look at the phone because I really need copy/paste, MMS, and a less laggy phone than the iPhone. I bet the blackberrys regular features don't lag such as its text messaging, contact viewing, and phone features like the iPhone lags. I hate when I have to text to someone or make a call it takes so long to get to each screen with the annoying delays.

    Regarding the browser crashing during entering of text, I noticed that if you stopped Safari loading more of the page by hitting the "x" after the text entry field became available, text entry became faster and more stable.

    It improved further after the release of 2.2.

    Hope this helps.
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