Gas Cubby tracks fuel prices in US, abroad

in iPhone edited January 2014
Today App Cubby released its vehicle maintenance app, Gas Cubby ($4.99, App Store into different iTunes store regions all over the world, with support for international units as well as familiar US measurements.

Gas Cubby is used to track the health of your vehicle, allowing you to not only log your mileage, but also when you refilled gas, or carried out maintenance on your transportation (and how much those cost, too).

Once enough information has been put into the app, it can create sleek graphs for you to track your gas expenses, MPG, service expenses, and perhaps most importantly, gas price. All of this information can be exported to CSV (comma-separated value) formatted email reports.

The app also allows you to keep tabs on multiple vehicles, storing useful information like the Vehicle Identification Number, license plate, and insurance policy data. It can also give you notifications on when to change the oil, or other service reminders (which you can suitably choose to ignore until the right moment comes).

Gas Cubby has a nice interface that offers a bit of its own style alongside what is to be expected from an iPhone app, and the interface design has everything just where you'd want it to be.

Of course, the most significant news is the addition of international units, which adds MPG (Canada), MPG (Imperial), MPG (UK), and a great deal more found within the App Store listing.

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