How to remove the fat from Jaguar ?



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    kalikali Posts: 634member
    Of course. I'll read some X books before doing any stupid stuff.

    I'm interested to remove only things I know I don't need. Which means language, printers and external devices (cameras, scanners, sexual and torture devices, etc.).
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    rogue27rogue27 Posts: 607member
    I used to mess around in system 7 like that. I mean, if I could free up 500k of my 8MB RAM then it was worth doing.

    If I could free up 20MB on my 500MB hard drive, then it was fine.

    I started doing that in OS X too. I have a PowerBook which contains an ATI graphics card. I deleted all of the nVidia files because the graphics card in my powerbook can't be changed anyway.

    I had to use the terminal to do that.

    I don't do things like that anymore though. It saves you no ram at all, and a mis-type in the terminal could be... well, terminal.

    I used to think it was great to delete software for all these digital cameras and stuff. Then in my art class I borrow a camera from the lab to take some pictures. Boy am I happy that I didn't delete the files and was able to just plug the camera in and use it.

    If you want to save RAM in OS X, deleting files won't do it, but turning off services such as file sharing, web sharing, etc will do it. There may be some tweaks that would reduce memory usage too. The one that takes the previews out of the finder probably saves you a bit of memory, at least at times.

    If you want to save HD space, you'd save more space more quickly by deleting applications you don't intend to use (especially in the OS 9 folder) than by toiling away in the guts of the system and giving yourself root priveleges in the terminal to delete things.

    I mean, click on iPhoto, press Command + Delete and presto! 65MB more space in a few seconds.

    deletng a few system files here and there will only save you a few hundred k to a few megabytes and they'll be a pain in the ass to put back if you ever find a use for them.
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    bungebunge Posts: 7,329member
    If you know you'll never need Classic (or have to boot into 9 on this machine) then I believe you can install OS X without the Classic environment. That will help eliminate a bunch of k-rap right off the bat.

    EDIT: I don't mean to imply that OS 9 is crap!

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    keyboardf12keyboardf12 Posts: 1,379member
    personal mental note: do not offer help to kali.

    good luck anyway.
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    This thread is an excellent example of wasted server bandwidth! Kali, please realize that for every useless, anal-rententive question you pose about your system, you uncessarily clog up the AI server - thus preventing it from running like a hairless scrotum!

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    Why worry about a few extra MBs on a 60 GB HD?

    Like was already noted, OS X dynamically loads the extensions it needs, so there's no need to delete any of them. Just let OS X be OS X, and you'll be amazed at how hard it rocks.
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    kalikali Posts: 634member
    &gt;Why worry about a few extra MBs on a 60 GB HD?

    Why ? Because this HD will be partitionned in four partitions. And about 500 MB is still a lot of disk space, that's why !

    By removing all useless language and printers files will free up to about that space.

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    Hairless scrotum? What the ****?

    I can't stand the relentless stupid in this thread. Really, it hurts.

    Kali, may you be impaled upon one of those hairless scrota you seem to be so fond of.
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    kalikali Posts: 634member

    This was intended as a joke (silly as it be).

    You didn't saw Austin Power ? It was from this movie. Heh!

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    nijiniji Posts: 288member

    i am a big believer in removing stuff from my system that i will never need, or, which if removed will result in it running faster.

    a few months ago there was a fantastic article here in a japanese mac publication that did tests to show if you adjusted yr system or removed certain things from it, what the trade off would be. it tested 50 ways in tweaking yr system. what was interesting is that only about 10 or so really gave much meaning in tweaking anyway. but i was impressed at the time that i read it, since, in their tests, they successfully showed that about 40 of what they tweaked did not too much good, and sometimes, even, made the system slower by removing them. i thought this gave credibility to the article overall.

    anyway, the single easiest way to improve performance (and remember that this was in 10.1x however) was to remove unnessasry fonts, and the second was to remove unused languages, and the 3d (in terms of start up time) was to hold back on putting items in yr menu bar. (obvious things aside like making sure that yr network could be configured or found (didnt need to be endless searched for)was also listed)).

    there was monolinqual for 10.1x to remove unused languages. it is easy to remove or at least to archive unused fonts.

    by the way, for me, one of the reasons i love the mac and enjoy using it is actually that lanquages can and do appear without (too much) garbling. even though i can not read korean, i do want korean to appear "correct" on the screen when I am at a korean site looking for english content.

    thnx. hth.
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    kalikali Posts: 634member
    Please Brad, close this thread.
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    At your request, I'll lock this. And I must say that those other posters were *far* out of line. I'm sorry I didn't see this any sooner.

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